USTZ - Small Gang - Force Multiplier Team in Null Sec

Troll Legion is led by returning players experienced in training scrappy pvp teams who can fight outnumbered and win.

We like thinking outside of the box and working together to make a setup for victory such as in this mail:

Abaddon was full nuet fit to counter their Bhaal with Ashimmu support, Loki and Ashimmu brought targets to low velocity while Arazu and Devoter kept them on the field…Then my Moros would blap.

These guys moved into our wormhole and after 4 minutes of fighting us, promptly moved right back out.

This is what Troll Legion is about! We like to have the last laugh, to artfully troll those who think they have a good idea.

We’re a disciplined pvp corp training up our members in null sec, desiring to bring the force multipliers to traditional null sec fleets in order to allow our group to fight numerically outnumbered.

Our new alliance has a fun pvp philosophy and is rapidly growing. If you are interested in getting in on some fun pvp, or helping a small group grow, make it’s name and take it’s own sov, hit me up in game or join Trolling Grounds Public channel.

We’re USTZ based, but support EU timezones as well.

Look forward to chatting with you!

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