Utari's Puppies (Formerly Off-Topic Thread)

That’s enough IGS for today.


That was actually… funny.

What in the spirit’s names is going on…?

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I had a horrible dream. I was in the Caldari Marine Forces and I was in a line at the armoury.


Oo, I have that one sometimes.

Apparently most people who have that sort of dream are naked in the dream. I was not.

EDIT: I saw that! Rude!


Considering that nudity in dreams tends to be interpreted as a sign of vulnerability, I think you just really shared something about yourself there.

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I got chills just reading this. This is the most horrific nightmare I can imagine.

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Inspired by the newest entry in the flagship thread, and noticing this trend also in my local scanner in Kahah and beyond, can you explain why so many Amarr capsuleers tag their ships with “TES”? I understood it stands for “The Emperor’s/Empress’ Ship”, that is, it’s the designation of any ship the Emperor or Empress is onboard of.

Or am I just stupid?

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It stands for The Empire’s Ship (or The Emperor/Empress’s Ship). It is a designation that has been popularized by PIE, and has even seen uptake in the Imperial Navy (which previously went by ANS or INS, but now uses TES).

It does not refer to just ‘any ship the emperor is onboard’. Even when defined as ‘The Emperor/Empress’s Ship’, it refers to her dominion and authority over the vessel, not her presence.


Ms. Kernher is on the spot again with the answers. I will add also, that as a capsuleer, Her Sublime Imperial Majesty is somewhat legally limited compared to her dominion over Imperial Navy vessels. However, the designation to me represents that I am still Amarr, even in the far reaches of Delve, and that the ship serves the Empire’s purpose.

My Hel, tentatively named Arra’s Promise (sorry, not sorry Arrendis), currently doesn’t bear that designation. For a whole lot of complicated reasons. Mostly though, given my position in GSF, if someone like CVA decided to invade, I would be obligated to defend our space. And since the Empress would likely not approve of me shooting CVA, I do not give her dominion over that ship. (Dear CVA, please do not invade Delve. You are decent fellows. I would hate to kill you.) Capsuleer loyalties are complicated.

For the Amarr Trials, all my ships were prefixed SF. Since, at the time, there was no Emperor or Empress and I was fighting specifically for House Sarum. The surviving ships with that prefix are precious and don’t undock anymore.

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I see. Thank you for the clarification. Had me proper confused it did.


I doubt it’s especially illuminating, frankly. And naked dreams are an anxiety thing! Not a vulnerability one. I am vulnerable to plenty of things and I don’t worry about most of them.


What ‘naked’ means would depend entirely on the person in question, their culture and own associations. You’d be hard pressed to find a Gripdjur that associated naked with anxiety. Or vulnerability for that matter. I’m sure interpreting the subconscious mess our dreams tend to be was easier back whenever we as a species shared a single dirtball with a dearth of diversity, but in New Eden I suspect finding anything that’d symbolize or represent the same for all of humanity would be award-worthy.

Fair point. I’m of the opinion that things like vulnerability and anxiety permeate all of the human experience, but in that I probably cast my ideals onto others more than I should.

Loai’s comment still makes me giggle privately, though.

There are many things and concepts that are pretty primal to humanity as a species, but what we associate with them changes. Nudity would have vastly different connotations between different New Eden cultures, and would thus likely represent different things when it comes to symbolism.

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At the Judgement, we shall all stand naked and alone before a holy and righteous God. To most of us, God will only laugh as the sefrim carry us down to Hell.

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And I for one can’t wait to see you there.

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He says he’s gonna be standing there naked, so are you sure about that?

(Emphasis mine.)


When Nauplius stands naked before God the laughter will have nothing to do with eternal damnation.


I had a dream that my eyebrows were all messed up and no amount of threading or waxing could fix them. That was weird.

You folks are weird.