Utari's Puppies (Formerly Off-Topic Thread)

Related announcement: Corovid Industries will begin manufacturing and distributing extra-strength brain bleach as of this afternoon.


Well, who ever said that we did?

Thanks, though!

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Commander Kim has been an attentive student in advanced restraint techniques, and with sufficient practice she will be ready to take on anyone utilising bionic augmentations that might defeat regular equipment.

Let no prisoner of hers be able to do anything other than follow her each and every legal command!


I’ll certainly keep that in mind!


Smut and lewd thoughts abound in the minds of capsuleers.

Truly we are a wicked lot.

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On behalf of us all, we are truly sorry if we’ve offended your delicate sensibilities, Valerie.

Well this was an enlightening conversation.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel enlightened.

On the contrary, Constantin, my sensibilities are as hard as my muscles.

Would you like to put a test on that, ma’am?

You want to feel my muscles ? :thinking:

More like what could you do with them, for example… fighting?

You want to fight me ? Unarmed ? Martial arts kind of thing ? Why ?

Just to test your muscles. Don’t you think it will be exciting?

Well, I only really know how to do some wrestling stuff, not that fancy breaking furniture with your bare hands thing.

Corovid Industries is pleased to announce that we have now opened ticket sales to a mud-wrestling match, Strike Commander Diana Kim versus Greatest Sani Sabik Philosopher Valerie Valate. Tickets 10,000 isk in advance, 15,000 isk at the door. Photography is encouraged.


Just ignore her. Seriously. The claim you’re responding to is that the Caldari State doesn’t consider psychology, including behavioral psych, criminal psychology, forensic psychology, or sociology, including marketing, political science, etc, sciences. The megas spend a massive amount of isk every quarter on education and training in these sciences, and more than one of them (NOH, for example) make their primary business model out of them.

Yes, they’re sciences, and yes, the State considers them ‘sciences’. Just because one pilot with a history of willfully misconstruing and twisting peoples’ words claims to not understand the difference between hard sciences and soft sciences doesn’t say anything at all about the State.


Oh, don’t tease!

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Oh the fight is not about breaking furniture - especially with bare hands. Because if you have furniture, you’d better grab it and use as a weapon. Fight is about defeating the opponent, rendering them unable to cause any physical affect to you anymore by any means necessary, would it be submission hold, disabling strike or killing…

or maybe just watching them foolishly kill themselves like Arrendis on duels and the claiming they “won”. Amusing sight, I’d like to say! It’s always nice to see people who can’t understand words just kill themselves like her, now if she just didn’t activate any of her further clones, that would be profitable for the whole cluster and humanity!

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Mud wrestling ? I think not.

Also I was assuming that any wrestling or other mixed martial arts fighting would take place at the Kaztropolis stadium, and with the normal rules in place. No hair pulling, gouging, nippletwisting, fish hooking, etc.

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