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David J Gordon

Jan 21, 01:51 UTC

I have played the game for sometime and its fun and all but you all are still missing one of the key components to the game for some of the game players who like face to face interaction. Why not make it to where you can walk around with other players in the game not just in your hanger by your self. If you make that happen and impalement gambling like the star-wars game and some others like slots and casinos where people can bet there I.s.k and some type of race with ships on an eve cores like pod racing. just other things that i would think that would bring more money into the game and you would not have it unlocked unless you pay for Alpha ever month. I no a lot of players and talked to them in discord and watch a lot of streams. they all talk about it your half way there as you already have it to where you can walk in your hanger just please try it. there is a lot of money to be made in it some people would like that seance V.R is becoming big. but bringing players face to face with there clones will be just HUGE and I am share this is not the first time you have herd about this but please I am one that would love to see this come true.

P.s From player David Razer

Welcome back from hypersleep! Feel free to read some patchnotes.

I hate to break it to you, but they’ve removed walking in stations.

The chances of this getting back in the game any time soon is zero.

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…by definition cannot happen in a video game.

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