Vacations time and stupid ideas connected to it

Hello there o7

As vacations are clearly closin in, some of us already went on them and as they are waiting for check in and in time de-stressing in EVE while family is geting crazy, there shows up some stupid ideas :-]

Imagine that You play with Your wife (of course some play with family but hey, ideas are just ideas).

  • “Honey buy me that new skin, please please pleeeeeease” :smiley:
  • “Don’t warp from me!!!”
  • “Lets go for shoping to Jita” :smiley:
  • and worst “How You piloting?! Turn left, next WH to the left!! You got lost, lets ask someone for directions”

And now imagine all that if CCP invent some “family ships”, which can take up to 5 capsuleers onboard (two basic, up to five with modules) :slight_smile: Pilot, gunner, kids on back seats, place for dog (invent eve-dog, lets name it Jakob).

  • “Honey, we need biger cargo, lets buy Avalanche”
  • “I want new home, lets buy some Astra somewhere”
  • “What do You mean there is no Kitchen (Spa?) Service in that station???”

Leaving it here for Your imagination :smiley:

and you just got that brand new Avalanche … from the back you hear a sound …


and then you know that you are orbiting Dante’s Inferno (aka the long school holidays)