Validus Industries is looking for YOU!

Are you a bitter vet? Maybe someone who got sucked in by that friend that has played since forever and feel overwhelmed?
Found Internet space ships Spreadsheet edition and realized this game is for you?
Looking for a new start or maybe just a place to learn the ropes.
Tired of your corp and want to have a voice in a (really small)smaller corp.

Then Validus Industries is for you.

We are a starting null-sec corp, yeah yeah I know “new corp what do you have to offer?”
Honestly, not a lot at this point. Everything above plus a focused on an independent playstyle.

Our corp follows simple and solid rules. We stand and fight when it’s time to fight. The rest of the time we just do our thing. Join fun fleets do things that you want to do. We are currently in an established alliance of over 2500 members" Warped Intentions " and we are working to grow our corp.
If you feel this is a place you might want to go. Hop on in our recruitment channels
Currently, we are mostly US time zone, but we aim to have all major timezones “US/AU/EU” covered.
In-Game Channel: V-I Pub

Poking my head in

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