Valkin Mordirc Rest in Peace Dear Friend

Let it be known, to all that may be concerned, Our dear friend, Brother in arms, Valkin Mordirc has passed away as of January 17th 2022. He will always be remembered in our hearts; being the voice of reason when we were too heavy handed, being the brother you could count on when you were in need of someone to talk to, and just generally there when you need to laugh.

Valkin Mordirc | Character | zKillboard

Valkin Made an execellent wingman always having the back of whomever he was out with, patrol for those “FAT WHALES”. He will always be a brother of Bite the Pillow and he’s already sorely missed.

So please Join me in Celebrating the life of Valkin Mordirc, and honoring his passing…

Love yea always brother… till we meet again <3


RIP brother. Until we meet again. o7

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