What’s the over/under on this lasting longer than Dust514?

My ISK is on shorter.

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Depends on how the team based aspect functions and size of the maps.

Do they reset daily or will the changes depend on who controls the maps?

I wonder if we’ll have to buy the equipment, the helmet, and the rifles and the ammo that go with them.
I wonder if there will be BPOs for them. Wonder if we’ll have to buy all that on the market.
I wonder how many riles will be available and how many types of ammo. How many different suits will there be. I wonder what will be the prices to capsuleers for all that?

  • EVA suits → 200M isk
  • Assault Rifle-A → 50M isk ( AR-B 70M isk…)
  • Anti-something-something ammo-A 3,000 isk per shot ( Anti-something-somerhing-B 6,000 isk per…)

I wonder if there is going to be a fee to go planetside. 100k isk to make landfall…?
Can’t wait to find out I cannot play Vanguard for some reason or another. But it’s okay, I still have 95% of Space-EvE to discover.

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I would totally hate an FPS with extended “crafting” unless I can opt out and supply my Vanguard clone from my EvE char.

Cosmetic Concerns
I am not sure why we have to play as generic bot suits. Maybe it is too much work for the developers? However since many of us went to the trouble of making up 3D characters, how hard would it really be to put their head or face texture into a generic suit of body armor?

Game Genre
The 3D first person shooter has been market saturated for well over a decade now. Many of us have played Overwatch, Warframe, Apex Legends, and I was a huge Halo junkie back in the day. With age we get a tad bit slower in the reflexes. While this may appeal to a younger group, CCP has some stiff competition to engage. Most recently I played Apex with a PS4 friend and I was only there as his meat shield. My death to kill ratio was off the charts over there. When my PS4 buddy left for medical university to become a doctor, I left Apex Legends too.

My Personal Thoughts
It is nice to see the 20 year old game make expansions. I only hope CCP is building the the proper direction. I hope to see something unique in this Vanguard expansion. If it is just a mess of hot droppers and bouncy tiggers tea bagging my corpse, then I doubt I will play it. Maybe I could hire myself out as a meat shield for ISK? :grin:


Do not want to see that happen as it could destroy the economy on planet surface before the game actually starts.

Now I am not going to suggest we start butt naked and start punching rocks.

Progress or not at all will be the deciding factors in how well the game mode works.

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Won’t matter, you aren’t using your capsuleer, your vanguard will have a generic portrait like the dust bunnies did, you’ll also have to pick a new name because its going to be its own character so the generic suits is a non-issue

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I wouldn’t mind EVE pilots creating public contracts paying ISK from their personal wallet for Vanguard mercs “hold Oicx for Galmil” “destroy PI infrastructure in constellation X”. I’d want them like corporation projects where payouts are gradual over a progress bar, rather than one individual reward, to avoid making it easy to transfer wealth to a single merc.

Yes, it would take a while for the market to find equilibrium. Yes, that might be too big a cost to retain new players.

An easy way to defer those risks is to instead have the EVE pilots pay evermarks from their personal wallet instead of isk.

Just imagine we don’t get to be sworn enemy as once on the planet surface we might actually be on the same side?

New Names will be able to take on a new identity!

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So you plan to stalk Aiko with an unknown character in Vanguard. :thinking: :smirk: :blush:


What you just said!

We are now dumber and may James315 have mercy on your soul!

I take that as yes. :innocent: :popcorn: :dealwithitparrot:


Someone sure did a number on you Uriel.

/walks off shaking head

:smirk: :wink: :blush:

Since Vanguard will be PC based, the environment will draw new players from games like CoD and BF, maybe even PubG…probably not PubG, that place is too weird.

What will set Vanguard apart from other FPS? The game play is foundationally the same for all FPS, run shoot, crouch eat a hot dog, drink some soda, pause…20 minute toilet break and then back at it.

What will set Vanguard apart from FPS such as Halo which had very spectacular graphics.

A very well seed field of background stories for each map that players can add their own stories to. Stories that would effect the continuation of the original story but could be changed or kept the same, based on player involvement.

Basically the environment would be similar to EdenCom fighting the Trigs. When the Trigs won, the original story line of the system was changed forever. When Edencom won, the history remained in tact.

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The good thing with drawing in new talent from games similar to CoD is the skill and reaction of such players along with their streaming community.

Perhaps New Eden will see a boost of players too making requests for changes concerning ganking / scamming pirates activities as even sad to say not every player wants or accepts extortion in the game they want to play.

But that might not be the case and perhaps Princess Aiko will be challenged by all the potential new level of corruption new Capsuleers bring with them to keep her on her toes to harvest that sort of talent that I could never offer to Safety as Frostpacker couldn’t scam another either through ganking or how ever else pirates try to scam miners in new Eden.

/I opened my soul to everyone to know the truth about me. Shhh please don’t judge!

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I’d not bet the rent/mortgage money on that.

When change comes its not even asked for. Or your change may come but now how you’d think it be.

See hek now .6 sec.

No one asked for that. It was part of hek’s charm being .5. Meh, is what it is.

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HEK I. Still live next door yet had not been home since being kick out via Wardec

The amount of assets currently remaining there could pay my extortion bills for years to come if Frostpacker even required to move such to market.

Hope to one day see changes and by the news you bring of HEK now becoming 0.6 is a positive step in my opinion.

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Its postive and negative as I see. Some in fw are seeing it as they didn’t know how new fw would go. and its kneejerk time.

Tin foil is since not as well tested maybe it was shore hek a bit up as they didn’t see pirate FW going the way it has. Its .6 to slow things in the future.

Basically if no pirate fw it still be .5. Suppression needs to be looked at so ccp won’t potentially be doing sec status fixing to slow things down is one idea I ahve seen. and agree with tbh.

It would be welcoming to see HEK go to 0.7 Dodixie to 0.7 along with Jita going to 0.7

Regardless of how it happens I just voted for safer balanced trade hub space to try and normalise the costs of materials across New Eden

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