Vastly OnTheRocks - Indy HS/LS and NS Corp

Greetings Capsuleers:

R-O-X is a corporation under the Alliance of Vastly Outnumbered.

We are looking to recruit pilots of all skill levels, focused on the Industrial side of the game.
Currently we have a nice amount of assets that allows us to have mining op’s every single day in awesome ore grids.

Fleet boost, Hauling, BuyBack is always available to all members as a part of our services.

We Offer

Exceptional Ore locations (even in High Sec)
Buyback services
Fleet Boost
Access to a wealth of moons within the region
Discord communications

What we require from you

Join in on fleets
Don’t be a dick
Active player

Or Join our Discord recruitment channel!

Returned to eve and looking for a few good players to mine with. Indy focused but not afraid to fight. Experience in all areas of space. Booster hauler ran my own corp for awhile. Been a little bit everywhere. Have 5 accts . so far just my main omega currently.

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