Vedmak sim vs actual DPS?

Curious the actual dps output of a Vedmak vs the sim numbers, given the mechanics are new/unique.

I simmed up a (crappy) fit using the in-game tool and it showed ~250 dps… but what does this mean? It starts at 250 dps, it averages at 250dps, it caps at 250 dps?

What kind of numbers can we realistically see out of this thing?


I just saw in another thread that in-game shows base DPS, pyfa shows spooled DPS.

It would be logical to suggest that you can’t really use DPS as a useful stat on these because that will fluctuate. What would probably be an actually useful statistic would be fleet DPS vs target type. You’d have to figure the time it should take a fleet to kill any particular target, and average the DPS over that amount of time.

With a Faction disintegrator and the highest damage exotic plasma charges, I believe the Vedmak deals over 500 DPS fully ramped up. I think it’s closer to 600 DPS with T2 weapons and ammunition. This is less drones, of course.

Nice. Thanks for the infos.

I’d really likeone of the supposed AT Triglavian variants they’re going to hand out this year. Fat chance of that happening…

So I decided to get one, and I’ve hit over 700 turret dps with T2 ammo. It could go higher, but everything dies first (so far).

Medium Disitegrator Specialization III
Precursor Cruiser III

I’m not disappointed at all. :slight_smile:

What’s the initial DPS before it spools up?

Mistakes were made. Currently don’t have one XD … I think it was around 265.

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