Version 18.06 - Known Issues

How’d you break it? You’ve done good and proper job. :slight_smile:


If you could file a bugreport from within the client right after reproducing the issue, I’ll take a look :slight_smile:. You can mention in the bugreport it should go to me.


I understand you need time to resolve the problem can you give me PEC (certified mail) or a via to complain about non resolution of tecnical issues? I want to write to CCP a complain, we all pay for this game. You have to understand me I work for customers service for one firm and I know there is a way where to write a complain. Not to leave us without answer, answer is not and I repeat not "we are working on that issue. " Also BUG REPORTS without answer. GM-s are nothing like back office in my firm, and chat service are chat operators, who are not guilty about that issue they just procede to GMs who are answering in tickets, not resolving that issue than comes famous BUG REPORT with status “attached” which means we know about that issue, still not yet reached status “closed” so that will be as we took your bug report in resolutin or as it says there (This report has been processed by a developer.)

I am not satisfied how whole system of tecnical issues works. We spoke on discord and I understand but this is too much. 1 month from 18.05. untill now.


You clearly don’t work in software.

Defects are triaged and prioritised, and not all defects are fixed. You can complain all you want, but there’s no guarantee if or when any given defect will be fixed. Bug reports get closed regardless (especially when they’re one of thousands of duplicate reports for the same problem).

The audio bug I’m sure will get resolved, but your complaint is pointless, as you have no reasonable expectation of a resolution here. There’s no specific SLA that they’re failing to meet, and you have no service contract in this specific request.

They’ll read your complaint, apologise, and forget about it. The work is already triaged and will be done when it’s done.


I do beleive me I worked for IT sector too.
It is not good to leave customers without answers. That’s not the way how one serious firm should work ok.

Many people will remove payments untill this bug is not resoleved and even worse will remove Eve from their computers.

Better to keep customers updated and not leave us unanswered. 1 month is way too much.

What makes you so certain?

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IT sector ain’t same as working in Software Development, just 2c.

Are we dicussing here about terms in computer language or about keeping clients WHO PAY FOR THIS GAME updated? And keeping us on toes?

I work in software and I can tell you we never discuss defect details with customers. We prioritise them according to the impact and risk they pose.

We certainly don’t indicate a resolution date until the fix is ready for production.

Whether or not a customer threatens to walk away has absolutely zero influence on anything. Idle threats are idle threats and customers do not dictate priority calls, ever. Certainly not with threats.


Thats not the way you treat clients. Thats my point. We pay for this game and they do their job. I wrote it thread because I wait for BUG REPORT to be answered. You keep on point and I keep on other. Guess what you pay your phone opearator and you are not happy, you move to another. And that is my point, they certenly have certified e-mail directed to their management I am sure, so to resolve complaints if they like to lose customers let them be.
Noting to to blame chat operators or back office GMs they are not guilty. The whole system is wrong.

I don’t know what You are “dicussing” in here precisely I am just pointing out that “I worked in IT sector” is not proper rebuttal to "clearly You have never worked in software.

Brun is right. The only communication between Devs as in people actually doing the coding “by the book” is just trying to gather all the information on the nature of the defect, and maybe assesing the priority and impact of the issue.

Tech support technicians (the guys answering Your bug reports) in no normal company have any insight into the development. All they can do is fill in report to the developpers backlog and give you meaningless nice “issue is being worked on please wait, thank You for your patience”.

And while oftenly “the client” may be taken into consideration when setting the order of working tasks, it’s never a random singular “client” joe.

And certainly no company ever would disclose

certified e-mail directed to their management

to a random joe from the street that claims to be “the client”.

And nobody just “likes to lose customers” it’s just the whole project tends to be quite big, with set out development plan, and deadlines for that and huge base of singular “client” joes and in no world would it be possible to drop everything on instant bug fix for every singular guy who threatens to leave.

They are working on it. Dev told You that. issue proved more difficult than they originally thought.
That alone is insane amount of information casually disclosed on it’s own. So take it and stop acting like a stereotypical Karen.

I hope this gets fixed soon.


there many I am not alone I asked CCP where to write a complaint and where to send it thats all and we have right to do it not leave customers without answers
btw who you are to tell me not to write it here?

Daily FNS challenges not activating in any way in Luminaire


It’s very easy to find the contact details available to you to contact CCP.

As for a direct email to management, not something any business is going to provide to you, and for good reason. That’s why first line teams exist.


:red_circle: Spot the mistake. :smiley:

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I got the same problem, cant activate nor find a daily challenge to do…

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Piekura’s red bar isn’t obscured by a giant bright sun behind it? ;D


:red_circle: Cool CCP that you make an event of the Federation Day. Would have been nice if I could set destination from the Event HUD element, though.


Been even nicer if the event worked though. :wink:


Yep Federation Day bug report put in, still no result from firing fireworks at Titan. :frowning: