Version 18.06 - Known Issues

I don’t know if anyone else has this problen but i am running win10 and still alot of sounds are missing e.g. Cargohold full, login background noise, you ship gets locked/attacked audio, These are just a few examples. You got any idea if its just a problem on my side or a known issue? I hope you are able to fix it, if you need any kind of logfiles etc. let me know! I already filled out an ingame bug report.


Please fix EVE Portal skill queue for new skills:


Kulelen is under triglavian invasion but is not showed in Agency nor marked as a triangle in travel path


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Because the invasion of that system is over, as indicated by “Triglavian minor victory”.

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It is not. You have warning before entering system. You have system Triglavian influence. As you see system is “encrypted”. On map it is marked as under invasion.

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But no triglavian sites or presence. Just the window dressing. I agree they should revert, as fortresses do, however the invasion event is over in that system.



Old issues still active in game, should have been fixed long time ago:

Excessive Sun Glare = really prevalent in Rens and surrounding systems.

Market Orders Not Listed = ISK paid for Buy & Sell orders which are not being listed.

Sound Missing On Various Effects = numerous postings have been made on this as well as a lot of other issues.

How about fixing all the little bugs first before adding any more broken Log-In SP events to the game…


+1 This is annoying as hell.


Many people have such a problem, waiting for a fix is delayed.

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Shall I file a ticket or just wait if I did not get any SPs for shooting fireworks on titan during event?

For those who has Win7 – might help with sounds (in original reply there is explaining print screen):


I believe the only reason it’s not showing as a triangle on your route is that you set desto to a station within the system (the square from a station desto overrides the triangle).

If you set a desto from 2j out to 1j past the system, it’ll show as a triangle. I just noticed this with Piekura last night. Piekura is also not listed on the Trig Invasion systems list in the agency in any of the 5 categories, and is marked as “Triglavian minor victory” just as Brun Warbear said below about Kulelen.

That said, I jumped into Piekura last night and did not receive a warning, even though my trig system warning pop-ups are on. I believe if it’s not listed in the agency window under the 5 stages of trig invasion, it doesn’t prompt a pop-up.

The system still had both trig sites and edencom sites up. and tasty Guristas Refuges and Dens for my jackdaws. :wink:

Seems like a lot of my saved Ingame Mails are Gone since the Patch. That is very Anoying …

The new log-off feature doesn’t work whilst viewing outside of an upwell structure

Also it unpins all chat windows

Is there anything that we can help with by the way of Logs or system config, current system config/ updates whatever… ?

Is a frustrating new thing, have to sit and wait for up to 40 seconds before i can log on another account.
I have 4 active accounts, one is Omega 3 is alpha right now, i log them on one at the time to get the login reward, so there is no other account running when i get this message, i logged out to launcher and then choose another account.

Actually, top right on the launcher, then refresh. Unless you have horrid internet it’s immediate

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please help me out here (opt) get things right and not lose or thrown off the main screen with crash report.

When switching characters using the new logout feature, the second character displays the Jump Clone data from the first character. For example, I used my JC last night on this character, then logged in a different character this morning and used his JC, then logged out with Logout and switched to the character I used last night, and it still showed me a JC cooldown of over 18 hours (clearly not last night), and the wrong clones as well.

I noticed that yesterday as well on a different account, so it’s not just a one-off problem.


@CCP_Dopamine A big thank you to the team for finding a fix for the sound problems !!! Works like a charm !
Much better than forcing via win7 compatibility with performance issues.