Version 18.06 - Known Issues

t ime to be fair… i just read that the sound issues were fixed…

i am logging in now…


yea sound is back… too bad it still is unplayable… what happened to make things so choppy and laggy visually… even in potato mode…


So I logged in today and it seems my Pith X EM Hardner only goes to 51%… I could of sworn it went to like 60+ … this must be a bug… and i demand you fix this bullsh*t …

One day Star Citizen will be released… and you can kiss the last 8 year love affair with my credit card goodbye… then I’ll be moving on to better things… like banging blue b*tches in my 3D walkable interior space ship… and youll be trying to get me to buy a merlin skin… and ill be like… nah… im good… BTW FREE GIGEX while youre at it … ya know… 8 years clicking… this is how you treat me?


Sanctions incoming…

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Thanks for fixing the sounds. It’s back to normal again…Keep up the good work.

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No it won’t.


I logged on today and was sitting in station modifying my orders, when I noticed something different — I finally have the sounds back! (I’m on macOS).

Thank you! @CCP_Dopamine
I can’t describe how good it feels to have the audio back. EVE just isn’t the same without it.



You didn’t list the issue of items not showing in the Market.

Women’s ‘Farsight’ Augmented Spectacles

For months now players have been spending ISK to place Buy and Sell orders for that item and the orders aren’t being listed. In fact the Market search option and the game itself doesn’t even acknowledge that as an existing item.

I submitted a Bug Report and a Support Ticket on that long ago, Support Ticket was no help. I’ve also posted about it here in the forums multiple times now and still no response from anybody at CCP.

This issue should have been resolved by now, just exactly how long does it take to fix a damn bug with the Market?

tiericide couple patches ago…

Character log-out and log-in (switch) issues:

Missing Skills (random)
Missing Ship Skins (random)
Missing Chat Channels (random)

All fixed on traditional close client, restart client…

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A lot of the issues on this patch seem to be carry overs from previous, or old spaghetti code bugs making new appearances. It’s kinda odd how often that happens, but part of programming.

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What’s happening with the broken HyperNet UI ?

The search filter has been broken for the last few patches.

Is that a bug or blessing lol?

I’d say bug. As it doesn’t effect filtering by meta, isk and number of tickets.

Want to add, no music or Abyss-Sound also on my new Win10 1909 (one week old). Sometimes also the warp sound is missing.

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I was with you up till the Star Citizen part…

Wonder if the one day SC releases will be before the second coming or afterwards.


at this point sc release date is the year 3000

Derek Smart was Chris Roberts all along.

:red_circle: These Invasion EC are lovely sometimes. Occasionally, after one finished and I align to the next thing, I bump into something invisible and can’t warp.

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Maybe CCP ought to fix some things with Invasions.

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“Fixed an issue with Activity Tracker not displaying data for past PD projects.” (patch note addition July 2nd, version 18.06)

Doesn’t appear to be fixed, still only seeing data on current (covid) project discovery, nothing from the previous one.

EDIT: seems okay after today’s DT