Version 18.06 - Known Issues

:red_circle: CCP changed something with tooltips and wallet ticks again. For a few days now, the activity tooltip does not show up but only the tax subtraction tooltip, which keeps showing a 0 even though tax got taken from my income. I just had a ratting tick of 5M ISK and my corp takes 10% of that. The wallet says I have paid 500k in corp taxes, the wallet activity tooltip told me I paid 0 ISK tax. That is neither correct nor intuitive nor informative.

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Hi CCP Team,
I started to play Eve Online in april on my notebook with a GeForce RTX 2060 (Windows 10) and all was fine … until two weeks ago (more or less). Suddenly the game started to freeze with a black screen, I had to recover the game exiting to windows and trying to refresh the screen. Obviously this issue is very dangerous if you are involved in a fight, because the trick needs ten seconds to work! I have stressed my GPU suspecting an hardware bug but all tests pointed out that my graphic card is healthy.

Recently, digging on your knowledge base, I found that flagging the option “force DX9” may solve some issues … and in my case it does, indeed!
But why do I need to use old DirectX now, while for two months the game run great with the latest version?

IMHO your last update broke something, hope that my experience will help you for further investigations.

Thanks for your support in advance.

Actually most likely the issue is you don’t have dx 11 runtime. Try a google search and install it again. Problem wasn’t CCP, it was a microsoft issue when going to latest Win 10 build. I lost DX 11 and my wifi drivers on upgrade, so I feel your pain

:red_circle: Something that really annoys me when shooting dumb trigs is that they sometimes just vanish from your locked items when they get destroyed. They don’t flash off upon destruction but just disappear as if they warped. This really disconcerting.

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:red_circle: Can CCP do something about the horrendous resource hog that the trig sites are? When I go into an EC or MiC/MaC, I can’t do anything else that requires my video card. Youtube starts to freeze the videos and fps drop considerably ingame. All that for a shitty red cloud.

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patch notes page is dead this morning, but there was an update

Patch Notes is back.

@CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Sledgehammer

The Caldari Navy forces absolutely suck.

Please check your logs after the extended downtime in Ichoriya. When I logged in the Trigs had absolutely murdered ALL of the Navy forces and dropped the marker by 8 or 9 points and it fell rapidly afterwards.

A small sample of what was awaiting in system after downtime

If this is what to expect, then there is NO POINT trying to defend any Caldari system invasion.




What is it with these stupid warping Leshaks that I keep scanning and which keep warp-speeding into nowhere?

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Lovely graphic errors in invasions. The Flickering™ is spreading, too. In the past I only had them in ECs, now I even have them on stations and in belts.


Maybe try ‘Verify’ all downloaded files in ‘Shared Cache’ menu of the Launcher?

:red_circle: Why is there no tooltip when I hover over the collapsed trig invasion HUD element but there is a tooltip when it is expanded?

Oh, those greyscale triangles that can obscure half to nearly all of one client’s screen? Yeah, those are… possible just about anywhere. I get them not only in the (original flavor) ECs, but in the abyss, in L4 missions sometimes, in incursion sites, etc.

I play on 3 toons with all set to low shaders and PP off due to my gfx card being 7 years old, but even so… the issue happens randomly from time to time. usually on only one client of the 3, even when all 3 are on the same grid doing the same thing.

The status and goals displayed for daily challenges -like that associated with today’s Liberation Day event- carry over when using the new log-off feature to return to the Character Selection screen.

Thus, the goal shown on the second character may not match what said character shall actually do and remain unfulfilled despite complying with the instructions given (i.e. pointing at the wrong system, this time). And conversely, once the challenge is completed, using the log-off feature again would result in the challenge showing up as already fulfilled too for the other characters one would subsequently log in.

Restarting the client for real seems to fix it, in any case.


I still dont have my sounds back sorry Ive got Win 10 Home Edition can Someone help me with my settings.