Version 18.09 - Known Issues

Any time frame on when the core bug that messing up the esi will be fix as that i have put my core in and not able to remove it you should be given the option to remove

I just got the infinite jump tunnel bug on two clients… fortunately they were SC and WC and my FC wasn’t affected… FC had already warped to next gate… warped back to in-gate, saw my 2 other toons there… 2 other toons still had tunnel… fleet warped them to a safe… eventually they got blank grey space and blank overview… but couldn’t really do anything. Ship tree used to sometimes fix this… ship tree is now a pop-over window instead of a full screen thing that makes your overview go away (and then come back when you exit out), so… no help there now.

I hope this is the correct topic to post in. I encountered 2 what I believe to be errors in abyss since the patch.

  • Recalling drones in a Tachyon Cloud bugs out completely. The drones will keep flying back and forth and only sometimes return to bay. The only workaround I found was to make them return and orbit, then approaching and scooping them. It appears that, due to the speed increase, they overshoot whatever target they have when being recalled and then oscillate back and forth.

  • Bringing up the information panel for the Edencom ships in abyss does not show what damage they deal, only their resistance profile.


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Great, where’s our Caldari State Navy NPC fix/balance? Oh right… Sorry. I forgot. You only fix things that don’t matter to the current live content.

Heaven forbid you guys actually fix the content we’re all focused on at the moment. Ugh.

I remember when I used to like you guys… Seems like a lifetime ago now.


Keep getting Disconnected from EVE Server, started this morning.

Another retroactive change. Boxes claimed on this short event expire in the past


CCP: “What, you didn’t open them in time before you acquired them? Pfft… amateur.” :psyccp: