Version 18.10 - Known Issues

Occasional Audio Popping and stuttering? More like almost constant, unless I am sitting still, docked. It’s rendered my game basically unplayable. I’ve cleared the cache, etc. But when the entire client freezes for sometimes several seconds just trying to fly somewhere, undocking, let alone do any kind of in game combat, this is just stupid. How did you guys test this, and not run into any issues? What did you test it on? What kind of audio system was it running? And no, I’m not running some toaster with a couple of soup cans for a sound card. 7.1 Creative X-FI discrete pci-e sound card, on an I7 with 16 gb of ram, and a GTX 1070.

The basic issue why font is not readable is still persisting, I made you in CCP some example why it is so. A bit exagerated but you catch my drift I hope.

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??? Why wouldnt it?

They made it so you would lose.

You want a prize even though you lost?


The prize is knowing not to take part in CCPs nonsense event next time methinks.

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Yes, in fact. Because the event was always fated to end in the new triglavian region, I expect all participants in the event to have equal access. Not giving it to the “losers” is like not paying the salaries of your performers in a professional wrestling league in case you write them to be the losing side.

Why? What is that based on?

No, its making sure you dont give them The Belt, you know, the prize.

But whatever, its not even a prize.

Its just more lies.

This is the Known Issues thread. You can read more on my view on this here:

You are correct though that the lesson learned here is to be more careful before getting invested in CCP’s events.

I know, Im pointing out its not an issue, its intended

No, the lesson here is not to get invested in them at all.

That’s, luckily, not the whole of my experience in EVE in the past. I have been part of a lot of this stuff and nothing has come to this level of asshattery before (and yes, I remember Shiigeru, thanks). The leadup to the Sansha incursions was well done, for example.

Well as long as you enjoyed them thats the main thing.

Im of the opinion this is just the start of much more massive hattery coming soon.

To Whom It May Concern,

I understand that recent events have threatened the wider stargate network with catastrophe and that crisis rightfully received the attention it deserved. However, there appears to be an issue affecting the fluid router network as well. Whether it is related to the formation of the so-called “Pochven” region can only be left to speculation at this time, though I have my suspicions.

Nonetheless, I formally wish to bring your attention to the issue that the critical text-based communications relays upon which many capsuleers—and undoubtedly, baseliners—rely upon have become more difficult to use. The standard communications interface has a dark grey background and the text upon that background now appears as a slightly lighter shade of dark grey. It is as if the written word itself has become camouflaged.

Sample: Bad Text

The fatigue upon the eyes—even augmented ones—increases with the length and volume of messages, such that lengthy conversations become a chore and they only become more burdensome as the number of participants increases. This fatigue is further compounded with time spent perusing messages and affects Alliance, Corporation, and Fleet communications to name a few critical examples.

I hope that whomever is responsible for restoring the communications relays and fluid routers to full operational effectiveness are aware of this issue and that all resources that can be allocated to them in these trying times have been. If they are unaware, then please consider this open letter sufficient notification. I pray that the issue does not extend itself into the IGS as well.

Lord Reginald Sakakibara,
Senior Fleet Commander, EDENCOM Defense Initiative


Moved a thread to this Known Issues thread.

Fly Safe o7

ISD Bahamut


I would also like to report the audio issues. I have to turn off ALL audio or the game will randomly freeze.
Buddy logging off? Might or might not result in a few seconds-long freeze. Same goes for jumping through gates, docking/undocking and so on.
Sometimes while sitting in a site and shooting rats the game will freeze.

Any news on a fix for this? Anything I should try on my end?

Thanks in advance,

why would you possibly move an IC thread from the roleplay forum to here when it is clearly a roleplay thread that doesn’t belong here?


Only was online a few minutes, but the audio (and client) stuttering is very annoying.

Most here wont know or remember, but i think either the last closed beta release or first open beta one was called ‘Phoenix’ too … seemed less buggy … 18 years ago … goes nostalgic again trying not to think too hard about the timespan

Hi @Aradina_Varren,

Although I do agree with you to some degree, the poster has flagged an issue with the text within the game, therefore, it would be best suited in this thread so it can be captured.

Fly safe capuleer o/

ISD Bahamut

Thank you CCP for enabling to set CCs to not online structures again. Much appreciated.

agreed and bumping.

I’ve counted over half a dozen people responding negatively in the forums who already use glasses who have problems , as well as a dozen people with eyesight problems who have serious issues.

also: the largest font now is smaller than what,the medium / second largest one was before the changes
as well as noted by op - the right click sub menu indeed being stuck on smallest size - a size even smaller than the next to smallest size original font before the change - as far as I can approximate it.

In short - it is making it as painful as possible to click the correct item, not to mention seeing it, for people with mice related -arm/wrist problems, as well as most/many EVE players who are playing EVE for long stretches and also using mice at work, so this sure isnt helping neither the young nor the old

Do the younger guys at CCP even understand at all what awaits all too many of them arm and wrist wise in the future working with mice for a few decades more?

but I’m guessing “looking cool” takes priority over sanity - here as well…
so yeah, uncle. I give up.
These people are evidently not listening to real concerns at all.
At this point I doubt if they could discern a real issue from a non-issue even.

and for anyone still suggesting buying new hardware etc.
please. dont be ludicrous.
There’s no one playing EVE that doesn’t have a 1920x1080 screen anymore
I’d bet you’d be hard pressed to even find or buy new hardware or new laptops with lower dpi than that

But yeah sure I’m being a big a crybaby here - but this really was over the top unnecessary to force and foist upon us. And it really pissed me off royally for that very reason, as well as making my leisure time that bit worse and more constraining.

I never wanted to feel this negative towards any of the work ccp does, but sadly this decision has.

Removing choices and removing features, names and sounds we’ve grown to appreciate is one thing,- as if just annoying people with removing things that had no issues was really necessary for the game in the first place - but actually making it physically harder for older people and people with handicaps/challenges to access and use the game is beyond words.
for real.

Like I said, I never wanted to be a crybaby here like this, but this really made me go ballistic.

Guess I have to be as banal as this: “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”
for next time huh?
or rather: please, dear lord, let there be no more next times…

But sure - have my second vote for the “Unnecessary change of 2020 Award”


Anyone else having this? Is CCP kidding us? Do they really think we are here to play

Their development quality is getting worse and worse. Now you have to suffer through even more annoyances when you want to compensate for another annoyance. This is great.

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Not sure what you are trying to show us.

Maybe click the reddit link and play the video in that topic? It’s pretty obvious what’s going on there.