Version 18.10 - Known Issues

I have noticed since the patch that now and then L4 Distribution agents randomly after downtime give you 1 L4 mission, then decide for the rest of that day to give you L1 Missions. it seems to be random, but it forces me to go around and check all the agents to find one that hasn’t been screwed for the day. Today is the first time that they have all been screwed for the corp I am trying to get Rep with, in talking with others though it doesn’t seem to be limited to this corp, it seems to be a common thing.

Surely this wasn’t intended? it’s not in the patch notes that’s for sure.

You mean this font - where the font is only just readable but way too small and the line-height makes it really difficult to track across to select a nested option

Edit : They crammed in 7 line items into the space that used to hold 5


Yes it is

Sweet. Local died, dscan died, connections lost.

Belts in nulsec are not spawning asteroids at all. Any ETA for the fix?

After the worst UI font style patch, the nummber of fittet laucher and/or turrets thingy looks like not centered between the borders in the fitting window.
Pls fix that, thanks.


In the fitting/simulation window we can not expand all the stuff, because the font thickness is to thick :bangbang: :bangbang:

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it has been a week of no audio or no EvE for me, any update on the audio issues causing the game to freeze up?


what about ore in providence space?

I am having the same issue and would like to at least have an information about what is going on. If it takes weeks to fix so be it but this has not been mentioned or talked about anywhere in the patch notes.

All we know is “updated audio client”

Since DT, when travelling, overview does not autofocus on the next system on the route for me anymore.

Whatever the thing causing freezes and lag was, it was not whatever you turned off at DT, because it’s still there.

Login after the 20.10. patch = Again the worst UI font ive ever seen :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

CCPls rename EVE Online to EVE Online - Early Access :joy:

no early access games on steam are normaly not this buggy or cause pain to the eyes

Opening People and Places’ Locations tab takes anywhere from 4-7 seconds to load the bookmarks. Great experience.

The Ice belt currently in Gedugaud (2020-10-21 11:45 server time) shows up in the probe scanner (sig AFZ-206) but there are no asteroids on the site, and it has not despawned.

Bugged EBR-209037.

I saw the a similar issue at another belt today as well, but there were people mining invisible ice ore. I went back docked, undocked and showed up and the ice ore was there.

Also not sure if this is an issue or not. Ice belts are not “randomly” spawning back. Its the same ones every time, and some belts never spawn at all. I was expecting the belts to shift a little so that one day it is here another day its at another belt. Some null systems have not see ice for 6-7 days now. Same with some high sec ones. I see ice spawning at the same spots (though less of them) quicker than 4 hours.

My expectation was that they would spawn less often and at more random spots, but instead they are just less spots and more often

Awesome work CCP. Removing a muted person in a channel now reloads the MOTD of the channel. This is amazing. :man_facepalming:

Corp Chat dead, Fleet empty, and no Local in NulSec
Great, can we please keep it like that :wink:

It is the same in high sec too. Local is dead. No one showing up in local even though I know people is docked up with me.