Version 18.11 - Feedback and Known Issues (Mac)

We are currently testing a possible fix. I’ll provide more info as I have it :slight_smile:

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eve_crashmon.exe still crashes after I quit an EVE client after today’s downtime and the launcher updated the EVE client

Hi folks
We have deployed the first part of the fix for some of the crashing on exit issues. We also aim to release the second part today, which is an update to the launcher. They need to work together for this particular issue.

We are aiming for the deployment of the launcher this afternoon.

There may still be an issue, where if the client actually crashes (and not an exit), a Wine-preloader stays active. We’re keeping an eye on this.

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A new launcher release is out. Please ensure you’re running the latest version on Mac.

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Thank you Dev Team :slight_smile:


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Yep, the launcher update released today appears to have resolved the Wine remnants problem! Thanks for dealing with this issue relatively quickly, CCP!


Hi everyone,

The client freeze (30 seconds approx), when i dock/undock, or jump through a gate.
Do you have it ?

I’m on a Mac Pro with macOS Catalina already (10.15.7), and Radeon Pro Vega II Duo.

Thank in advance,

I am still experiencing lockups. I had three chars running simultaneously and all three screens froze for about two minutes. They eventually unlocked and went back to normal.

Later, after that, I was only playing one char and the UI locked up again. I had to force quit out of the wine64-preloader app and then the Launcher locked up. I rebooted the computer, opened the launcher, and it took about 4 minutes for the wine64-preloader to log in and load the character screen. I thought it had locked up again.

The screen locking up issue is becoming severe. I am glad I was not in combat or some other tricky situation at the time or I would have lost the ship. I am not sure why this is happening, but it sucks.

I don’t know if I’d call it screen lock-up, but I’ve found that sometimes when I start a client, it loads to the login screen, but that window stays black, even if I leave for a full minute. Quitting back to the launcher (by clicking the red close button) and restarting the client sometimes works right away, and sometimes takes two or three tries. I regularly log in five characters, one right after the other, quitting between each one, to grab any "loot’ CCP is giving me before I log into the game to play. If I have to quit and try again two or three times for each character, every day, well, there are other things I can do with my time - and my money.

The UI is locked up again right now. Second time today. Two minutes and counting. I am trying to dock at Abudban X - Moon 10 - Urban Management. Took a whole 2+ minutes for the ui to unlock and docking to complete. Very frustrating.

Just locked up again after logging in and undocking from a station.

One account of three running on my iMac Pro is now locked up. UI is completely frozen and unresponsive. The other two accounts are running fine. Just undocked when it froze.