Version 18.12 - Feedback and Known Issues (Mac)


Please use this thread for general feedback and discussion about known issues with the Mac client in this monthly release (Version 18.12).

Quick Info:

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  • No subsystem skill loss occurs on destruction when piloting a T3 Cruiser


  • Minokawa Yoiul Star SKIN unintentionally displays Police Lights VFX
  • Weather effects do not display when ‘looking’ at objects other than your ship in space
  • Mobile Tractor Units are missing their icons

User Interface

  • Missing Cosmic Signatures when Scanning

Missions & NPCs

  • R&D Agents’ Research Service is not behaving correctly and often fails


  • Ice Storm Nebula Environment has too much bloom when Post Processing is set to High
  • Daily challenge rewards will sometimes not appear in the redeem queue until a relog


  • Unable to self-destruct pod in certain stations
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Awesome the little icon is back for the MTU, got confusing there for 24 hours.

Look forward to the Mac native testing in January

Issue about mouse pointer flicking (for un unknown reason the pointer is working perfectly with my MacBookPro trackpad) not fixed yet :frowning:

The workaround is to click left and after that, for a while, the pointer flicking is temporary fixed…

Yes, this is still a big handicap in fast moving situations - not being able to see the mouse when it’s moving makes the User I/F challenging.

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