Version 18.12 - General Feedback

Oh. Im not done yet…
The bounty system… if you want to get real. Its ■■■■■■■■. Direct payouts? How does that make sense?
WH Sights require you to take the tokens to amar and sell them adding even more risk via ganking ect. Why even bother with the ESS… tho it is funn as hell… but i dont think rats should pay out directly. this never made sense to me

Sansha Incursions is excellent example of high-end group PvE content, I with there is more of that in EvE.

ratting should be made harder overall not more inconvenient. because at the end of the day. someone is just going to change there scrypt to press f and turn on auto lock back…

Dont be daft , just because the patch notes don’t say " We want to shaft botters" doesnt make it untrue , its the botting chars ship of choice CCP knows this or do you beleive it also when they tell you " The logs show nothing".
Secondly your comment regarding legit inputs , so using drones it is fare in your view that you have to protect and monitor your sole form of DPS , not your secondary form of DPS like most hulls .Above that it means you monitor your ship plus drones which doubles the workload. Add to that that when you are out of drones due to being unable to monitor any multiple account adequately you are out of any PVE until you resupply. Given the vast differance between drone storage and ammo storage then you are unable to rat effectively if you miss alarm and loose several drones due to them being so dumb they cant defend themselves for 10 seconds.

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this is exactly what im talking about. They could get away with removing the sights as a whole, and starting over. Change the ai compleatly. Ever fought diamond rats? You know those really op things that have entire fleets? Dreads and supers? Yeaaaa. Perfect example of what im talking about.

Putting words into CCP’s mouth doesn’t make it true either.

I’ll say to you what i said to people that complained over the Hulk changes:

If it becomes too much for you, reduce the amount of accounts you’re using. Maybe you’re not meant to multi-box farm with ease.


The drone change. Did to me like it will do to others. No more chill ratting. Rat to the full potential or nothing at all. this is why my ticks went threw the fckn roof. i went from leting drones wonder around. to actively agressing targets effectively and in a timely maner

Miranda if CCP did’nt want this to be viable then they have had over a decade to change it , not to mention “GREED IS GOOD” was the way they got players to invest more into extra accounts thats the exact line they used . You dont see miners having to press mine every 90 seconds now do you for example .

They are changing it now.

This is ‘you’ve been an alcoholic for 10 years so you can’t change it now’ logic.

That logic doesn’t work for me.


Mining lasers don’t auto target the next rock and start mining it do they?

Rocks don’t attack mining ships forcing mining drones to respond.


If they are using 10 accounts they will be.

The exception being the Orca. Which IS a problem and i hope to god they are on CCP’s list for the chopping block.


You do realise its those extra accounts that keep the game populated , and provided for as a end game. They provide the isk to fight , to build and to advance both on personal and Alliance levels.
So when you take to much from the food chain so to speak , just as in the real world that food chain topples. Recently CCP implemented a myriad of these changes which have made eve unstable . If people de-sub those alts that where used to mine , to rat or to do xyz other dull and boring tasks you end up with the dark ages once again and more desubbing. How is that result healthy for the game either ? We all saw the results off the blackout , lots didnt trust and come back then . With recent changes more people will do the same and as CCP already burnt there TRUST card with its players less will return a 2nd time.


Blackout was a good thing

False. The game population is not larger because you run multiple accounts. It’s still just you, and the more accounts you run the more you break the game, and the less money CCP get from you, because you’re rolling in so much ISK you don’t need to pay for a sub or for PLEX.

You really think you’re saving CCP when actually you’re helping to bankrupt them?

People like you break the game.

They are nerfing people like you who say things like:


… both of which scream of you wanting to be become rich AFK with little effort, relying on Drones to do the work for you.

You are the pilot. You are the Capsuleer. You are in control (or should be).

That CCP let you break the game for 10 years until you got lazy and entitiled doesn’t make it okay to be lazy and entitled. Not your fault perhaps. They allowed it. Still, they shouldn’t have.

Now you’ll have to play the game properly.

Welcome to EVE 2.0


Will the skill book Salvage Drone Specialization ever be seeded, or will this be the only way of obtaining the book?

This is what keeps CCP from implementing new ideas so that more real players play the game. If multiboxer drop all their accounts, CCP will consider how to make the game more attractive to others.

Sometimes things have to get ugly before they get better.


Are CCP even reading players concerns here?

Those extra accounts aren’t providing content, and that’s the end game.

The amount of isk they provide is the problem. Did you also miss the dev blog where CCP said rewards are too high?

The game is already dull and boring.

The players that unsub are the cancer that is killing the game in the first place. You are perpetuating a broken system by resisting every attempt to cure the cancer. You’re literally crying for your ability to earn rewards without even playing the game.

Sooner you leave the better.


This is ■■■■■■■■. Revert drones to what they were. You are not penalizing bots (its easy to make them press F), you are penalizing the players. Also the Bounty risk modifier is truly a ■■■■ mechanic. You take the isk I work for and put it in the bank free for the taking AND the rats are worth less? What the actual ■■■■?! You really don’t want me to resub.


Which ones?

The ones who don’t want to press F because it’s too taxing and who can’t run 15 AFK multiboxed accounts easily now?

Or the ones that play properly?

I assume you have a bias towards one or the other when you say ‘players’.


Play properly? You mean your definition of playing properly… That is certainly not mine.