Version 18.12 - Known Issues

No daily task (Proving ground, skilling spree, etc)


Scannable signatures disappear into “filter” after being scanned by probes

Any public statements from CCP`s site about Drone Assignment being borked?

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Hi All

I can confirm that Research Agents I deal with lost RP Skills after I completed their Daily Mission, In this case it was provide them with minerals, the result was:

  • A Level 4 went from nearly 122 to 39 for both their RP/Day and the next Mission Reward
  • A Level 2 went from nearly 75 to 38 for both their RP/Day and the next Mission Reward

I had no other errors show up though.
hope that helps


Sorry for stupid question: drone assist not work against NPC too (this is bug or feature)?

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Drones attacking rats that agro the player and drone assist are two different things. Drone assist is when you assign drones to a drone bunny, and then those drones attack whatever the player is shooting at.

Moreover, as Zhalyd pointed out, drones are no longer automatically attacking what players shoot at. You actually have to press F to engage them.

I interpreted the dev post to mean that CCP was only getting rid of drones auto attacking NPC’s that aggrod the player, and not drones focusing fire on what the player was shooting at nor drone assist.


My lvl4 R&D agents worked, but they all lost RP/Day when I conversed with them. Went from ~90RP/day down to ~20RP/day. Mission rewards were at the lower RP level too. But I was able to converse, get missions, complete missions and buy datacores still.

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press F for elder fleet ratting

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then what is this message say if you are OMEGA!!! 20201208_115724|375x500

Funny how you implement the most loved/favored mechanics (capital rolling, plugging frigholes, no SP loss) completely by accident.

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This isn’t an issue. This is how it should be now that those ships have been nerfed pretty heavily.

I have the same problem. wrote to tech support. waiting for an answer

New Salvage Drone II and its Blueprint does not show in the search window results:


I didn’t go through all the posts and replies, but I noticed ingame that assist drones doesn’t really work anymore. The drones go towards the assisted pilot, but you can’t seem to able to make them go aggressive and attack your target, they just keep following idle the assited pilot.

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Do the ICE Anomalie spawn in the same Region / Constellation or do they spawn in hole EVE ?

I didn’t get Daily Missions.
The ones where usually you should kill npc to get SP.
It’s just me, or others didn’t get it to? Is this planed and should be like this?

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Just can’t start the game.
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would also like clarification on ICE BELT respawning locations.
the drone assist change is yet anotheer slap at ratters that generate the aggro with one ship but have more than one assisting. this is NOT afk ratting.

Got the same problem with R&D agents ~90RP/ day --> ~20RP /day . Guess they feel neglected because I waited so long to have a conversation with them. :grinning:


Drone Assist was broken with the patch. Assist still requires active targeting/actions by the person being assisted, but the drones aren’t engaging like they are supposed to.