Version 19.02 - Known Issues

From todays Rookie Help chat:

Nou Mabebu > how do I turn off that awful ambient droning sound?

Cmon CCP - this needs addressing NOW.

We’ve got a whole new generation of EVE players coming through the NPE believing that EVE is supposed to sound like a washing machine on it’s final rinse cycle.

Sort it out.


Maybe we need to make more noise …

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see a message like "To improve thoughtful communication we will be enabling fast mode and try to respond in the Known Issues section within 48 hrs".


this made my day :smile:


Well, this is day 9 after introduction of the bug. Can’t say we haven’t been patient.


I’m also getting this issue too, really irritating :-/

CCP do something with sound, there are a lot of issues with it:

  1. Gate sound in stations
  2. No cyno jump out sound for ships in grid anymore (yes it’s was very useful)
  3. Cloak sound and others ambient sounds works unstable - for example i can run the same account and same character but sometime sounds work, some time not (not all sounds only cloak etc.)

Clean profile, cache cleared, latest sound-drivers.

And finally make an option to disable some sounds completely without disabling others, for example station ambient & system map sounds so annoying and we can’t disable it because it will disable other useful sounds.
It was able to do this few years ago, why there are no this option anymore?

Do something with this. It’s sadly that your sound system was working much better 3 years ago.


Here we go again …

  1. The repurposed skill, signature masking does the exact opposite of the description. Instead of increasing the duration by 5% per level it decreases it by 5% per level, making the module worse with every skill level (see attributes of the module when fitted). The bug report was sent from Sisi last week. Please change - into +, for the duration bonus ?
  2. For the record, I also filed a bug report for the skill “bonus” not being applied to the duration at all, after running some tests where the duration should have been 14.4 sec (skill level 4), but stayed at 12 sec base value.
  3. 14 days of this persistent sound bug and not a single word about it ? :-1:

Unable to jump from my training clone into (installed pre-patch) to an empty pod (post patch - located in fortizar)

Have tried different stations/structures and relogging - unable to get out of training pod

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I miss the hell out of the full advanced audio options we had for way too brief a time.

same behavior, but only in player stations… was able to get into clone at NPC station

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Well said and thanks for posting updates. My sound has been bugged for six weeks now :frowning:

Last week’s patch (2021-03-16.1) broke my sound completely - the persistent gate sounds would play even with the “atmosphere” slider set to zero. The only way to stop it was to disable the game sound entirely, and I played with no sound for a week.

Yesterday’s patch (2021-03-23.1) seems to have taken us one step back (or forward?): the gate audio is still bugged but at least I am able to mute it again with the atmosphere slider.

Please CCP it would be nice to see a confirmation of the audio problems many of us are reporting here. I will post again if anything changes. o7


Thank you CCP for fixing the bonus from the Signature Masking skill.

GAME BREAKING BUG: I still cannot jumpclone. No amount of logging in/out fixes this for 10 of my characters.

STILL BROKEN: Audio. If a ship jumps to a cyno in a system with me, my audio crashes and I get partial audio until I restart the audio.

As a workaround for people with “crashed” audio, if you disable/reenable it, then disable/reenable your advanced audio settings, it should sound normal again. Seems like an “obvious” bug that restarting the audio doesn’t respect the advanced audio settings…

Come on, CCP.

Yeah, I think that’s the key. over in the general feedback thread, multiple people noting citadel clone jump issues… but as I said there:

All 3 of my mains jumped from an NPC station to another NPC station successfully last night (and 2 of the 3 were leaving a 2nd clone behind in the departure station… huzzah for the new feature!).

Why is the Target Painter sound effect so extremely loud? It’s louder than most weapons and seems to ignore all sound settings.

Can’t jump clones at all. ■■■■ ain’t funny ccp

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Why are the clones not combined in 1 “In current Station” header? Why do the clones have different icon colors? No, the implant is not the reason. I have clones with dark blue colored icon without implants and one with implants with a light blue icon. Sorting is also not the reason because I have 3 light blue icons in a row as well. NPC station or structure is not the reason either.

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Icon colors are, as far as anyone can tell, random.

I suspect nobody thought to improve the clone display by grouping clones at the same station together - or perhaps it’s planned to be a ‘fast follow’ development, since that would be a new bit of code to tack on in addition to the changes to allow multiple clones in the first place. It doesn’t surprise me that this was either overlooked or deferred for later release.

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In Audio-Menu enable “Advanced Audio Settings” and slide “Atmosphere” Slider to the left.

I have observed the following for a couple of days now: Whenever I JC into a location, the client slightly resets my windows. I have Item Hangar and Ship Hangar in 2 separate windows side by side and the game keeps moving the IH further to the right screen edge every time I JC, which puts it partially under the SH.