Version 19.02 - Known Issues

Do not mention that word again !

Joking aside, a piece of broken client is not really fun, especially after a month with not even some level of confirmation.


Is it really tho? I mean… is it REALLY a problem

Yesterday I encountered that annoying sound for a first time. I understand now how annoying it is. It is some kind of persistent noise hearable whenever my view is zoomed in on a ship. When zoomed out, the sound goes away. I don’t know if that didn’t happen to me before or I just realised it yesterday because I was on headphones and not on speakers. CCP please, take a look at it and fix it, me and whole lot of other pilots would be grateful for that fix. :wink:


When will you fix that atmosphere humming gate sound which stays and grows with every jump?


its not only the jump sound. its also the warping around sound.
did someone from ccp listen to the sound? someone ? none !! ok …fine grats suckers continue not playing your own game.


At least for me nothing has changed at all. You can see my reply in that thread. X-posting coz this is the thread with the most information about this.

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4/9/21 and this problem is back. Also back is the random client drops. 1 here, 1 there.

Its happening to me again. Very terrible and always on one client. Its pretty stupid.

Could CCP please stop repositioning my Item Hangar window every time I JC to a structure and then DC to another structure?

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I noticed that if use cloack, the “windy” sound hangs even when docked etc. These sound issues are getting worse.

Can’t log in at all. I see the update window, and it lasts about 2 seconds and then everything just shuts down. Omega time running down… hope this is fixed soon!

Ahhh yes, I remember that day, a few years ago.

The day I swapped all 3 of my clients to low shaders to make the fans not blow as much. (if I’m singleboxing I sometimes go back to high shaders, but aside from some skins looking like ass in low shaders, it’s really not so bad down here!)

Welcome aboard, folks… to yer new potato mode life until the next upgrade/new PC. ;D

  1. Im sure this has been said but Fleet Formations its own dockable window like fighters please…

also being able to have the fleet broadcast history window stack incoming broadcasts as it does now by default but if selected you could have new broadcasts come in on the bottom and allow the player to scroll the list keeping it chronological

2 what did you do to the windows… why when you make some crazy control change is the normal not default and you have t o sleect the new options instead of just breaking the window layouts / overview whatever. before i could shift tab between windows and it would bring the window to the top dragging between containers or whatever was easy… now it selects it in mini window view but does not move the window to the top also when changing sessions or just at random when selecting another window… the previous window will just snap to the cursor and fallow without actually selecting it…

  1. any chance of letting hte log in to sisi refresh since most of us had no idea steam just stopped working for logging in…
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ophh yea and the GPU is no joke… im down to two charachters and completely potato mode… i can barely see a damn thing in game… espeicially in bubbles… its almost pointless to play at times

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