Version 19.07 - Known Issues

Hello, everyone,

Another monthly update (Version 19.07) begins today. Please use this thread for reporting and tracking of any issues found in this version of EVE Online. Thanks a million!

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Regarding the Strong Veilguard Booster:

It is in a wrong market category, could probably moved to it’s own category “Veilguard”:
(Btw. don’t buy it from the market, buy directly from me! (Probably the only supplier right now))

The Icon of the Booster now matches the Icon of it’s BPC, but as we can assume it was copied from Agency Boosters it misses both the Requirements and the Industry Info (because Agency Boosters can neither be produced nor have any Requirements)

CCPlz add at least the Industry Info.

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I got a weird issue yesterday (pre-update) where I couldn’t save a specific station as a location in my people & places. Any other stations could be saved (NPC or not), but not that specific one from my corp. I could - however - set it as destination, and when I got in system the issue resolved itself and I could save it again. No idea why that happened.

Post Processing is still causing black boxes all over the place.
On high settings the boxes are bigger.

Not sure this is a problem with the current patch, i just noticed it now … in any case you went a little overboard with the number of required ingedients for a ‘Radar-FTL Interlink Communicator’ and its siblings:

2021-08-10 16_17_32-EVE - Ted Buckland

Apparently the original designer of this oh so fancy dialog was not prepared to deal with that many ingredients, huh ?

(pic taken at UI scaling 100%, i dont even want to see how weird it might look at 125% or higher *g)


If you have not already, please send in a bug report for this issue, it would be a great help for investigating this.

Reported a bug a while back where shortcuts for Item & Ship Hangars weren’t working in citadels. Still not working.

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Wierd aeroplane noise on game engine starting up from log in even more noticable than ever.

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My EVE launcher suddenly decided to quit when starting up after showing the splash screen. I never get to the login screen. There’s no processes running in the background. All I see in loglite is:
|info|2021-08-11T10:32:01|14036|%DOCROOT%/EVE/Launcher/evelauncher.exe|%HOSTNAME%|evelauncher|events|Channel state: Connecting|

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the same issue

Definitely there is space to get all the boxes there showing without the occludng of the others, there is still space on the right side in the upper row. This looks like an easy fix.

Noted a potential BUG. Shooting a Domination Medium POS auto cannon, shields went down fine, armor too. As soon as I got into the Hull Garde II’s and my buddies gecko, strike for around 40 dps. I was doing in the ball park of. 4.,7.5.8 when the Resistances for HULL are 0 across the board, no “melting” was occurring.

We relogged with a full client close, nothing changed. Am I missing something?

Much Appreciated.

Did you actually submit a bug report, or just post here?

That is incredibly annoying, especially because it only happens for one of my characters.

same here i can login and then get logged right out again
am i being hacked? two days ago i heard engine noises in background and laptop has been crazy since.

What happens if I die in a filament tunnel?

EDIT: Then my jump in clearance “expired”

Issue report:
After the August update, chat servers became unstable for connections from China and some in Japan. Sometimes it works normally, sometimes it takes 5 minutes to load and still displays a frozen local chat of jita when I travelled to lowsec.

There are third-party solutions (Game accelerator software, hence indication packet loss being the potential issue), but that too is a hassle. Please revert whatever was done to the chat server, this is very much a critical issue for nullsec players, many of whom from my alliance also experienced this issue.

This is NOT a Port 5222 issue, which we have tested on many different PCs.

Really weird pixelation on some of the larger explosions since the graphical update.
Every GFX setting on max.

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