Version 19.08 - General Feedback

So with

  • Increased the availability of Ice, with ice belts now spawning in their original locations with one guaranteed site per solar system.
  • Adjusted the respawn time of Ice Belts to 6 hours.

One guaranteed site every 6 hours or there will always be at least 1 site in the system minimum at all times? Clarification here please? Thanks!

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While I said that the brightening of icons can be a good thing, on the Machariel and Dramiel it’s definitely not working out well:


And on top of that, the Cynobal icon has not changed.

Listen at least they must allow people to direct these channels in rookie help channel.
OR they must introduce language option in the character creation stage or before person start game and assign the person related chat channel .
Because In all that complicated UI new players cannot find out of to reach these channels…

I have teach soo many older pilots to find out how to reach channels in the past they join and they can come back … cmoon !
Also my example nobody fleeded the channel. IF someone need help they need help… Most of them doesnt even know how to open direct messages… esp if DM s are disapearing under their currently open windows…

they cant see it… i tried

With such high demand for mykosecion now why reduce spawn chance? I thought we were ending scarcity?

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I suspect you’re absolutely right here. There’s zero evidence lately that any sort of processes are being followed that are designed to lead to success. I’m still a waterfall kind of guy, but even the more modern “agile” development methodologies have goals and checkpoints for those goals baked into them - “Does this piece of work get us closer to our ultimate goal?” kind of stuff.

Eve’s 18 years old now, and in most cases, you’d expect development to have matured, not regressed - this seems to be going backwards. This has the feel of early (free) alpha software at present, where you expect to see things being rapidly prototyped, tested and discarded if it’s not right - but that should all happen in the back end, not for (and at the expense of) paying customers.

Maybe CCP’s trying to make the ongoing predictions (I’ve been involved as a player for over 12 years now) of Eve’s demise come true…


More for the list:
New launcher colors make me want to vomit = FAIL
New launcher won’t end it’s process when closed in Windows 10 requiring you to “End Task” on it in task manager before you can open it again = FAIL

This is my feedback:


where do i see how much sp/ min i train?


The previous mechanic worked that once a field was cleared, it re-spawned 4 hours after that clearance took place. Now it’s 6 hours. But all systems that had ice should have it pretty much permanently except for that 6 hour respawn window now. Some systems had multiple ice fields, which reduces downtime.

This will get us back to close to what ice availability used to be like before scarcity. I think this is a good thing.


Dear CCP, why do you feel the need to make new UI windows that break the current UI you just made upgrades to and that do now match the current theme …

The Spreadsheet Concept is fine… please stop putting these unmanageable and unneeded features in to the game…

  1. ALL windows should have the same font, icon, etc.
  2. ALL windows should STACK!
    3, ALL windows should resize to stack without making the UI display res break, or making impossible to scale the windows to work with the screen size.
  3. ALL windows should have the same theme…

The following windows break all the rules - Industry, the (NEW) map, the Skill Sheet, and the Character Sheet… WHY!?

Why do these need to be broken…
Also while scaling, the Probe Scanner window doesn’t stack, and there are several others…

KEEP THE UI THE SAME… add in all the new features you want but STOP putting in custom windows, and PLEASE

Stop with the TOON, worship, I don’t need to see my toon now in full body… I didn’t want to see the face, but at least I could minimize that… now I have to deal with this new abomination of wasted space… who made that brilliant decision to make the toon part the perm and the data part the retractable… really?!.. totally backwards.


I’ll just relink my summary from the Test-Server here since the points I made there still stand: First Look: Skill Plans & UI-Update – the greybill

To be frank: Seeing any feedback seeminlgy being ignored is a bit disheartening.



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I agree entirely. That’s basically what I said. :slight_smile:

That’s a better idea, frankly. Forcing everyone into Rookie Chat for 30 days and then telling them they have to speak English isn’t fair.

No individual needs to flood the rookie chat channel, it manages to do that itself with the sheer volume there. If people were funnelled into their preferred language channels, I think that would actually help those who DO speak English natively to get better help in Rookie chat as well, as the volume of questions/answers would actually be spread out better.

I believe it’s also 3D accelerated, so it’s adding load to your GPU when it’s on as well…

I would pay IRL money for this.


Everything the UI team has touched in the past ~5 years has been a downgrade. If y’all ever get around to redesigning the hanger/inventory system that will probably be the last straw for me. The level of incompetence here is pretty mind-blowing.


Only got as far as the Launcher so far, but I have to say
Cyan ugh
Really Cyan ?
Come on people what was wrong with Green.

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Yeah really. I mean it’s not even the good shade of cyan. It’s that light faded nauseating Easter egg one. Ugh… Maybe the guy that did it is color blind. It would explain a lot.


Meh. They change it every quadrant. How long do you spend looking at the launcher? :slight_smile:

Potentially a bigger issue - “closing” the launcher can leave it running if you have “Minimise to tray” selected - but even removing that, you’re right, it seems to persist. Aussies will get this: NOT… HAPPY… JAN…

@CCP_Dopamine It this was to reduce the ridiculous spam of depots and secure containers advertising in starter systems, then good, but why on earth disable the use of MTUs? They do no harm, and even new players use them.