Version 19.08 - Known Issues

I would like to be able to import skills to a skill plan from clipboard, you can put skills straight into your queue but what about when you want to create skill plans for community driven stuff?

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That should have been in there from the start as it’s the most obvious use. It’s a mystery to me how they were able to ignore that.

Yup, totally. On other occasions too, and more than I care to try and remember. Sometimes, it does feel a little facebook’y in here ^^’

Back to the topic: since the update, I sometimes have weird wallet change notifications (the pop up alongside the neocom), with a negative amount — usually –0 isk — instead of the positive amount that’s actually occuring. Happens for mission pay out, especially if there was a collateral, for NPC bounty too… but not every time. Not often enough that I could caracterize it with more specificity, or even prepare myself to take a screenshot, though.

Fantastic, now I am stuck with a shitty transparent char window… :face_vomiting:

Just checking for personal reasons, have you never changed your character portrait? Or have you been using the same one forever and don’t want to change because it’s… well damn it’s perfect!

stop paying the subscription for 2 or 3 months


I has issue I stacked my char sheet onto another closed both opened char sheet individually and now I don’t have the left side of it or the option to re expand that side what do


you are a real martyr!

Anyone else getting the Red Dot again?

Same issue.

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