Version 20.02 - General Feedback

This is straight not true. I live in a section of Null space with 4 systems. I am pretty much the only person that uses these 4 systems. the ocational escalation runner is all that goes through. for 12 months, i kept the BRM between 120 and 150 in these 4 systems, never taking more then 300-400Mil per day per system. (because over 500Mil in a day is where it seems to start losing BRM) we have the ocational PVP ship loss as well due to ESS robbers and fights, and me being stupid with ships and leaving them on gates for rats to kill etc. Military Index (ADM) in each of these systems sits between level 2 and level 4, rarely goes to level 5. I havn’t changed my behaviour in these systems in over 12 months. even if the system was broken for 3 months my behaviours havn’t changed, behaviours that kept the BRM above 120% all the time. i have 9 months of data to say that i shouldn’t have tanked the system, yet i logged in last night (my time) to see it at 50%, one went from 149.5% to 55%. the ONLY explaination for any of this, is that it stored up all the time it was broken, then told the BRM calculator that i had earned 3 months (or whatever the broken period is) in 1 day. so it tanked the BRM.

Sure there may have been some people that realised the ADM’s were stuck and abused it. But the rest of us shouldn’t be punished (getting 70-95% less bounties for the same effort) because of a bug from CCP.

This Bug has Punsihed me for NOT abusing the fact that it had been frozen for a while.


i would like to request a “rethink” to the sizing changes to the neocom menu bar … bring back the smaller scale … PLEASE

thx !!


I think the correction hasn’t allowed for time. Using invented numbers, say the tipping point for the BRM beginning to degrade is 500m ratting in a day. If there has been 400m/day taking place ordinarily that would be fine, however where the server connection has been down, could it be that the numbers are now hitting at once e.g. say connection was down for 20 days, all of a sudden 20 x 400 = 8b of ratting has suddenly entered the BRM alg for a single day and tanked the BRM down to 50% immediately.

Just a hunch.

We’re investigating the cause behind this and will have an official statement soon™

The prevailing theory is that the BRM’s were not properly communicating from 10 February until yesterday, so the drastic swings were the accumulation of 6 days worth of activity hitting at once. This would, of course, cause systems to seemingly have dramatic changes in short time periods.

The teams have been actively investigating since yesterday, and as soon as there’s confirmation we’ll let you know


can we also have a statement about the neocom and font sizes?


Neocom width is already listed as a known issue here Version 20.02 - Known Issues (PC) - #2 by CCP_Paragon

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Thank you so much CCP Swift, I will be eagerly waiting your response!

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I would really like to be able to make the sidebar smol again, thank you.


For the love of god, please tell me there is an option to remove the NES button from the market window.
Tell me you wanna go pay to win without saying you wanna go pay to win.

Fire marketing people, get developers and nerds on board.
Every month you bring out a little garbage change like this, which makes eve look like some shitty mobile game.
Every single person I know who plays this game is considering dumping it.
You are alienating your playerbase quicker than you can say “Shareholdervalue UwU”


there is nothing in the new eden store that has anything to do with ‘pay to win’

When are the Minmatar Industrial, and Gallente Industrial skillbook going to be re-seeded back to npc stations? Or is it the intention to just remove skill books in favor of remote buying skills?

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Wait until all skillbooks are in new eden store for you to buy with plex


+1 to please, please revert the taskbar minimum width change

I accidentally dragged my neocom menu and made it bigger, and then when I tried to fix it I just couldn’t. Now a ton of my buttons don’t show up because I can’t make the neocom menu smaller like it used to be.

bad settings:
alt with good settings:

This change is horrible, if I wanted my neocom menu to be wider I would set it to be wider. I don’t understand why this change got made.


+1 for sure.

In the meantime please check this workaround, works for me perfectly: Version 20.02 - General Feedback - #194 by Podsuleer

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Please revert this change, CCP.


Very informative and interesting post about how WH eviction mechanics have been working lately. Thanks for typing that up.

@CCP_Swift It’s now been like 3 days, my system is still useless despite 0 ratting happening there. When is this being fixed?

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@CCP_Swift We have the same in most of our systems. It heavily affects our corporation as we have to pay the rent which is now impossible to get the isk for. Also the ESS bank is getting really low amounts too so its losing content too. My ess was contested a lot when we had the correct modifier… I did a roam and I noticed that a lot of systems are having amazing modifiers, but in our area not that much pvp happens to boost it back fast enough. I dont think that a bug causing the systems modifiers to drop back to 50% should make a corporation go bankrupt as it is a serious hit for the community in the area and not only affecting individual’s income.

Oh my godness, I just found out what was meant by this topic.
Chanced the setting of icons in the necom bar … and increased in size and cant be decreased again.

Please anyone … where can I find the core_user_.dat file?
Any path / direction so i can try to fix this utterlybullshit by myself?

Thanks in advance

CCP … what is this???

Cannot decrease the neocom size to its former size …
STOP with this annoying GUI changes

Give me back my old/previous small icons !!!