Version 20.03 - Known Issues (PC)

they are highly anticipated
try again
best of luck

a reliably modern gpu supports most of the effects for great experience in space
a modest sound card supports multichannel audio you should upgrade perhaps

@CCP_Swift Any chance you might take a view?

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Hey there! Thanks for the poke - while Paragon has yet to respond, he’s definitely brought the issue up internally to see what the situation is and will update (or ask for more info) accordingly.


Thank you!

Fix the damn “Asteroid Depleted” sound FFS… How hard can it be?


@CCP_Paragon This issue has still not been fixed and I noticed it was now removed from issue list. Why are issues from the previous issues list now gone and ignored?

The difference is striking. I don’t understand why this is so hard to fix. Dont even get me started on ingame text that has also ballooned in size.


do what i do have multiple monitors and use 1 screen just for the oversized ui , it just about fits on a 19inch

Mining families all over New Eden will suffer because of this bug.
I wish they would make it more of a priority.

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I have multiple monitors.

3 exactly the same monitors. I locked the UI Taskbar for the other accounts, just one account I accidentally did something on my task bar now I cannot get it back to the old size anymore which was listed as a known issue during the 20.02 deployment. And then it got removed.

as i know its not a bug. its a feature.

Every single person in the alliance was having the exact same problem for months. It’s not the soundcard but CCP bug.
So please refrain from answering in the future if you have nothing useful to say.

In any case, it seems that latest patch has fixed it as yesterdays big fight worked with sound on (a lot of us were very surprised since nobody expected a big fight and we forgot to turn sound off).

Since the patch, my lag has been terrible. I’m in southwest USA. Login server takes 60 seconds instead of almost instantly.

Since the latest Cruiser Chaos event launched, the Agency-Encounters page does not load. Everyone i have asked to test has the same result.

How is the Asteroid Depleted audio bug still not fixed 30 days later?


I just noticed that it’s not registering ANY of my mining activity. My mining ledger shows nearly 3M units of rich plagioclase.

When are you going to sort the “Asteroid Depleted” known issue?


Do these Halcyon Probe Boosters not work properly? I put in Probing Booster I and it does not change my scanner probe stats at all. It also does not list any bonuses in the tooltips for neither Scan Strength nor Deviation.


when Capital Industrial Ships skill book will be in market?

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