Version 20.08 Known Issues


Please use this thread for reporting and tracking of any issues found in the 20.08 version of EVE Online, first released 13th September 2022.

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Known Issues:


  • The sound for d-scan is not being played each scan, when scanning very fast.


  • It is currently not possible to search for some items.

User Interface

  • * Compression window is not updating after new materials are input following a compression…
  • * Cannot launch drones from the Selected Items window (It is possible to launch drones through the Right-Click menu, Radial Menu or dragging to space).
  • * The Planetary Industry page in Agency fails to load.

Photon UI

  • Wallet settings do not save when you close the window.
  • Shattered Planets have an incorrect label in the right click in space menu.
  • In-Space structure right click menu doesn’t display structure sub-menu.
  • The Drone count can sometimes show an incorrect number.


You screwed up the UI again, either with Photon or the other changes. The buttons are now not the same size.

Wallet still not remembering on which tab to open.


Every time I need to compress I have to close the window and open it again.


The in-space right click menu for Structures doesn’t work inside the system you log in. Wherever you log in, that system will not show anything in the menu, while it will work for any other system you move to, correctly displaying all the structures you have access to. No amount of session changes/docking/undocking solves it. The first system you have logged in into will never have that right click section of the menu working for it.

Tested this for 3 different characters, 2 in HS and 1 in NS (see screenshot). Already submitted a bug report as well (EBR-238593) about that.

(btw, these new right click menu are quite awesome, especially the labels on planets, and the Anomalies one! ++)


If you compress ice, leave the compression window open then try to compress more, the button no longer appears to allow you to compress it. I assume this is a problem with ore too

Almost certainly caused by this fix:

Compress button no longer highlights for a moment if ore that cannot be compressed is added to compression window.


edit: nevermind, was ‘photon UI only’. Most of these changes are only in that.

Did not get the patch when I first launched.


The right click menu wasn’t showing up, the new drone interface wasn’t showing up.

edit: leaving for my own stupid brain reminder.

attempting to place several stacks of items on sale results in

14:02:00 Notify Item cannot be added to the list because it does not share a location with existing items

sometimes the items are still added, sometimes some are not.


Locations got remapped to ‘L’, when it used to be local locations.

When you have many chat tabs docked the UI cuts the list of so have to press that tiny down arrow thing on the right to see the list, and in that list it would be nice if it did show if anything unread.
Or a way to scroll the tabs like in office with the mouse wheel.

Wallet seems fine for me with photon-ui.

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Yes i made videos about that on sisi and compared it to live, makes it even more annoying to compress in space, glad i do not use 20 alts to mine with.

Everything works fine for me, but then again I’m not using that gawdy made-for-mobile Photon UI…

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The same bug applies to compressing moon ores - the compression window must be closed after each compression operation.

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Just you wait till they remove the old UI as option. :stuck_out_tongue:

Noticed a few issues earlier:

  • Scarcity not fixed.
  • Indy not fixed.
  • BRM not fixed.

There is an audio bug in Project Discovery when drawing a polygon, the clicks beyond first are not making a sound.

EDIT: Looks like DScan has similar issue.

I consider 9 fewer beeps per cluster is an improvement more than a bug :sunglasses:

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serious! Russian language in my english client!

edit: or what other language this is.

Despite this from today’s patch notes 2022-09-14.1

Photon UI:

  • Wallet settings now save after you have closed the window.

the fix is not automatic for the standard UI, but seems to somewhat spill over into it.

This at first seems to work to get rid of the “overview” opening in the wallet in the standard UI:
Log in, activate Photon UI in the settings window, Quit, and log back in, open wallet, pick tab of choice, close wallet and Quit.
Log in, deactivate Photon UI, Quit and log back in.

However, the “fix” is not persistent, it works exactly once:
After the above procedure, in the standard UI, picking another tab (e.g. “market transactions”) will revert all changes and bring the wallet back to the Overview tab whatever you pick, close/reopen the wallet, Quit and restart…

Please FIX ?



CCP working on the UI, take 42:

This is how the hacking grid was before today. The top line of nodes was way away from the upper window border. No clipping of node elements with the top bar of the window.

This is how it is now. The grid moved up considerably and the node elements clip into the top bar of the window.