Version 20.04 - Known Issues

yea im in a AU/US corp and a lot of the aussies are having issues however so are a lot of the US people as well

I found a workaround for this:
If you just click on the buttons, it doesn’t change the standing. You have to drag the bar in order to get the standings numbers to change and then it will save.

Photun UI: Character Sheet → Interactions → Security Status → Double click on any entry:
You have to enlarge window size of the transaction detail window to reveal its actual content. Otherwise it just shows the window title and the close button.

Some capsules (very few actually - found just 2 so far) in the hunt event identify themselves as structures that leads to a considerable faction standing loss. Already filled a bug report yesterday (EBR-233135) but i still found this bug hilarious :rofl:
Made a small pic describing this issue:

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Hey, i noticed that after a few weeks the high pitched UI sounds haven’t been changed. I’ve turned off all UI sounds the day this patch hit. That is obviously not an acceptable permanent solution, because I would like to be able to hear all the other non-ear-shattering UI sounds.

I hope you guys have a fix for this in the planning somewhere :frowning:

npc nos and neuts are in overdrive and pulling way more cap than normal.

It is still not possible to add corporation contacts by clicking on the Standing tag. The game tells you to set standings but even if standings are set, the game keeps insisting on that you need to set standings. You actually have to use the slider to set the standings and then it works. Once you’ve done that, you can edit the corp contact and click on a standing tag and then you can successfully save the contact.


I have filed an EBR on that and it has been acknowledged, so hopefully, some traction will occur on that issue soon™. Though I’m guessing it will be after Fanfest.

All these small, yet highly annoying bugs (High pitched UI Sounds, Standings, Asteroid depleted Sound, Probe scanner window, etc) have STILL not been patched, some almost 2 months since they appeared… But they want to increase the subscription…

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CCPQualityCoding. This has been an issue in the past already.


they changed the neocom again. my inventory was hidden now.


not working. Market window stops popping up a couple of undocks but then begins to do it again.

Fixed for you!

For EVENT hacking – the DED Scan Booster II does not confer its promised 8% improvement to scan strength nor to pinpointing.

Looking at congtributors to scan strength shows no improvements in the “implants” line (I assume this is where booster effects would show up). the other effects were not changed by the booster and the scan strength stayed the same … even aftr logging off and back on.

get to launcher → select account → character screen, missing characters and selecting the only character i can see doesn’t sign me into the game.

Hey, I believe this is just a display defect in the probe scanner window not taking boosters into account. If you mouse over your probe launcher while it has probes inside, or you open the ship fitting window with Alt+F, and then press the (i) icon for charges, and mouse over the green text you should see that the bonus from the drug is applying. We are aware of this issue.

The drug is definitely giving you a benefit

Activity Tracker has not worked for several days while mining blue ice.

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