Version 20.04 - Known Issues

1 I’d like to say Thank you for all your heard work thru the years of design and development of this game, it’s truly great. Just a few side comments The music thing is obnoxious I had to turn volume off, I can confirm the tabs reopening at un dock as well, kept doing it to me tho I’d closes them just before un docking. Then in space and there open again It’s annoying to not see screen when u docking can be deadly in bad space. The map, skill que, and stuff would reopen. Annoying but playable. I don’t fly one but comments say buff to proteus wasn’t enough. I think Great to see that t3 get some love, as I heard it is bad when compared to the other t3 cruisers. Maybe give it a small drone dam. boost as that race has drones boats. Vexor, mrydom, brutix etc there race has drone bonus ships their a drone race if you will. Perhaps the t3 should reflect that. Thank you for making game and continuing to develop it. I play all time. Thank you cheers

Changing the active division of the corporate wallet causes the entire wallet window to go blank until you close and re-open it.

The Compare Tool window. I’m pretty sure clicking the labels of the attributes to the left used to check/unchecks the attributes. I keep clicking them freaking labels, as if I was used to click them out of habit, only to realize I need to click the checkbox. Am I crazy, or it should go in feature request ?

When creating a contract, entering a name into the field for the recipient does not automatically set the contract to “private” like it used to.

As a general comment on the Photon UI: text sizes for window titles are wildly inconsistent, and generally too large. Probe Scanner, inventory/hangar windows, Directional Scanner, PI window are all fine; Fleet Window, chat tabs, Chat join/search, the POCO window, etc. are all way too large.

Also: buttons are across the board too large, and most of this is due to far too much padding between text and the edge of the button. Instead of making text bigger, shrink the buttons until the padding is half what it is now (or even less). We’re not using touchscreens; the design guidelines for touchscreen-UI design shouldn’t apply.

The “Board My Corvette” button is far too prominently placed for something I suspect gets used only very rarely. Make it a button among the station services, or place it below them.

@CCP_Swift , @CCP_Paragon
Add Corporation Contact suddenly no longer working - error message states “No standing selected” even though the selected standing box is clearly selected with a white border. Can only add personal contacts as a result.

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Oh dear.


Key for Guristas event are expired, i don’t know how it would work for sites
Edit: Gate using key from daily reward.


Event don’t working – Mysterious Capsules drops Expired Guristas Acceleration Gate Key.

Edit. Problem resolved!


Unable to create corporate contacts anymore (for any of individual/corporation/alliance), instead it reports “You must select a standing level.”. Personal contacts are still working fine.
Screenshot 2022-04-07 at 12.31.30



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@CCP_Swift - I am afraid this is still not working, despite a possible reference to the issue being struck out at the top of the thread.

Full-row select on items in a courier contract no longer works like it used to, have to now click the small checkbox - this is awkward.



Confirmed this bug ( or the lack of info in the module description/attributes ) is kept alive.

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Is there a problem with “usual” WH anomalies since the beginin of the event ? Seem to stop poping.

I think WH anomalies too…

CCP philosophy : Compiling is testing !


When are connections issues going to be resolved, Im tired of having all my accounts being disconnected at same time or losing 1 or 2 at a time, no issues with my ISP as everything else im doing or running is unaffected, It is only the eve client that I am having issues with for the last couple months

Are you Australian by chance?

No im in the US was having issues with 1 or maybe 2 disconnecting every once in a while but since the last update i lose all 6 accounts at once a few times a day

Okay, interesting. Pretty much every Australian I know is having extremely bad instability issues as well. In their case we’ve been able to nail it down to issues with Cloudflare, and unfortunately CCPs current response to them is to pay a monthly subscription for a VPN.