Version 20.10 - General Feedback

The trigs also have doomsday weapons

For the love of all that is holy please reduce the height of SKIN buttons, as many others already asked here. The old list already had too much scrolling, if anything we needed that compacted, not expanded.

The current one is barely usable


The “New Offer” button is only showing old offers. We don’t want to waste your ability to grab attention by having it message useless information.

The new personalization window is buried deeper which introduces friction to one of your monetization vectors. I highly suggest reducing all friction related to CCP’s business model. We want you to be successful.

I live in the Heimatar region… and I’ve noticed several stations with hangers in ruin. I don’t see any universe news to explain what happened. Is it a glitch from the Turner station internals or should I be packing up?

Pakhshi IX - Moon 20 - CONCORD Bureau is on fire - I was sure I turned the iron off before I undocked.

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How many docking bays are in the new structure hangers?

Why aren’t all the spots filled up with all the ships I have and instead I have a bunch of empty ones that stay empty and already loaded ships get overwritten?

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After doing a quick count, there are: 37 small docking spots and 5 big docking spots.

I have exactly 37 small ships that fit on those docking spots and only 9 are being displayed.

Have the valets taken the other ships for a joy ride?

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Turkey Turmoil in the Proving Grounds!

This is really toxic by CCP!

Prophecies are not Turkeys, they are Eagles:

This should read “Eagle Extravaganza”! Support for this deceptive RL festivity only puts shame on this majestic ship.


Its a fat budgie.


No, they are not! You take that back right away!


Do Amarr ship engines start like pok pok pokkk pooookkkk pooookkkwkwwwwrrrrmmm? :thinking: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smiling_imp: :popcorn: :blush:


Oh and funfact when they explode Amarr ships lay eggs. :wink:


One simple useability fix would be to have the scroll handle on lists always visible - currently it appears (rather slowly) when you mouse over where it’s supposed to be, which is hard to use.
Not really sure if this saves space or clutter on the UI, and its something everyone uses quite a lot.

awoxing with little more than a slap on the wrist is a great feature. Yes you lose lp from the site that you are in because you have aggressed a friendly but you can do it over and over and over again. I have killed 4 times this week due to blues aggressing and having others come in or just straight up killed buy bet equipped ships or higher skilled players.

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new overview settings are somewhat okay. It’s good to see the CCP comprehends one of the fundamental problem for the newbie retentions and addressing.
But I’m having another problem that these tons of new default overview presets are dominating my d-scan/overview settings.

Is there already a way to remove those unnecessary presets from the list, otherwise add the option for the love of god please.