Version 21.06 - Havoc - General Feedback

Adding option to turn them off in settings instead of having volumetric effects at low would be nice. they do tank FPS, especially on lower end PCs. Had a corpmate just go with turning off 3d rendering today

In the trailers they are. and what game is advertised on, but then it’s tidi slugfests

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Another point about actually running ice heists - it’s kind of a silly mechanic that someone can prime the site for one side by pushing in a fast frigate and pulling the enemy rats a few hundred kilometers away from the fight, basically taking away the aspect of the fight over the site.

Caldari State: Plan Condemned by Ocean Faction Meagecorps
Politicians Divided in Wake of Upwell Announcement | EVE Universe

What is a Meagecorp? :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s exactly what it is. we know the majority of the playerbase stays in hisec, yet they never speak up or let their displeasure be known.

would be alleviated if, as i’ve suggested since csm 2? 3?.. the client should not let you login with a paid account until it has voted for csm. for those that truly don’t care, randomize the first candidates listed because those that don’t give a damn will just randomly click one of the first they see.

what’s the highest voter percentage been in 20yrs? 13%? anything under 90% should be null and void and the election done again the following week.


And now again on my own feedback/thoughts of this. As I think I mentioned several times, most groups that live in HS around FW are not really that interested in constant state of war and having to defend themselves. So, how about we do it twice in a row? We just defended Usi and Jeras from going lawless to not repeat the crapshow it was when Usi went lawless for the first time. Now, by some miracle, Insurgency spawned in Ishomilken twice in a row… I know it’s probably just a freak accident, but it looks like some kind of practical joke.

Since it seems nobody cares about those insurgencies being moved to frontlines where actual FW would be done, maybe at least lower the chance of it respawning within the same system or 1-2 systems next to the previous fob to kind of mix things up a little?


It should not be possible to the insurgency to spawn in the same place twice in a row. It makes things unreasonable for anyone wanting to defend that area. The FOB spawning in a constellation should make it impossible for it to spawn in that constellation again for the next two spawns or something like that.


Increased SCC charge from 1.5 to 4% overnight…

Tell me this isn’t a government operation.

Ok, never mind

PATCH NOTES FOR 2024-05-14.1

Defect Fixes:


  • Fixed an issue with icon images on the CDN appearing corrupted.

And what is a CDN?

Content delivery network

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I’m still randomly crashing this patch not sure what is going on, 2 times in the last hour and a bit where I try scan with my probes and nothing happens then it sits there for a minute and a half with nothing working then crashes.