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Please use our feedback threads to discuss the changes going live on Tranquility for the next month and you can keep an eye out for the Known Issues to see what our teams have already identified and are working on solving.

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Updated the color for market orders owned by players to differentiate between my orders and in range ones in the market window.

The Create Decoration button is back in the Decorations Tab in Corporation window.

Need the :handshake:


Please, for the love of Steve, add back grid lines on the overview grid elements. This hunt-and-peck crap to find the resize boundary for columns is such a damn bad UX.

It’d be even better if overview tab columns could have their sizes specified - then everything could be correctly sized by settings input.


If you actually told us what this shipcaster stuff was about, it might be an incentive to play the new campaign… “new tech” doesn’t really cut it.


Please note, additional faction information under “?” on the Shipcaster Shadow War → The Four Empires […] tab under the Agency seem to hold the same text for Gallente as for Amarr.

Big thumbs up for changing/adjusting the market colors! :+1:


When will LP Tax be updated

yeah market orders are visible again !!

Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

I do have a question to ask. Does anyone know what’s happening with good old traditional EVE events we got used to? Do they get scrapped and replaced with this “campaign-style” things like this Shipcaster Shadow War or we may still hope for a chance to get those back?

Asking simply because I do not really care about any of FW stuff but used to enjoy the “usual” events in the past and start missing those already :slight_smile:


It’s been almost two months, when will this bug be fixed?

Patch Notes | EVE Online does not show the new Patch Notes or any of the 21.xx patch notes.


My Mac Client dont start.

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Same here

They know this

Market orders not opening from ui button see screenshot
Fixed cleared cashe files

Interesting. The Patch Notes did not mention that CCP improved the employment list following feedback from a few weeks ago. Little additional suggestion to make it even better: make the corporation links orange so that you clearly see that they are links and not just bold text like the dates next to them. But nice to see that the UI is actually made better for a change. :slight_smile:

Now, since you are tinkering with this data display already, how about you fix the alliance listing next to the char portrait to make it as clearly visible as it was in the old UI? And maybe make it clickable so that you can go straight from a char to their alliance info, without having to open the corp info first.



clearance of cashe of fixed market orders not opening on my first slot however upon opening another account of same account market orders will not open again

However market orders only open intermitently

I haven’t expierenced this yet. And i’ve just checked all of my orders on several chars. Maybe cash or connection issues? Or maybe CCP have fixed this already :thinking:

Btw filter on type in the market orders doesn’t filter on type, only by name ;p Perhaps i should comment this in the issues.
If only CCP would’ve implemented second idea that was following “search filter” request :pleading_face:

strange its the markets really laggy i the moment and its an intermittent fault