Very high persistent CPU usage

Is this normal? Seems not.

CPU is pretty much pegged the entire time just sitting in space with no ships or stations near by. I have not changed any graphics settings from defaults as far as I know.

(However, ever since switching to the 64 client I no longer get crashes, which is a plus… IF my CPU doesn’t burst into flames.)

System stats

Halp. Thanks.

Pretty sure it’s no issue. You get a 100% per core in the macOS activity monitor, so you still got plenty left. Also numbers getting higher means that EVE/Wine makes a better job using available resources which is generally a good thing.

One huge problem is that everything else on the system is extremely laggy, so it’s definitely struggling. It doesn’t feel normal at all. EVE feels responsive, but nothing else that I attempt to use does (discord, spotify, any browser, etc). In fact, I now tend to close everything but EVE. I hear the fans spin up loudly every 5mins or so. I mean this system isn’t a beast, but 3.8ghz/24gb/Fusion/8gb graphics sounds more than adequate to run more than a single EVE instance comfortably with these settings?

Edit: to clarify, I’m only running a single instance

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