Vexor Fits?

I can’t find a vexor belt ratting fits that work so do you guys have any that i can use? (most that i find are from 2018 or for eve echoes) My budget is 100 mill (not including the ship).

try VNI instead of vexor…

You should probably specify where you want to belt rat (but if you’re planning on doing it in HS, there are probably better things you can do with your time. If you want suggestions, just ask).

Anyway, if you’re looking to spend 100mil, you should probably try a VNI, as Geo says. However, if you’re looking to keep things cheap, the price tag for a ratting vexor should come in at less than half that.

Also, there are plenty of newer ratting / PvE Vexor videos on youtube.

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