Vexor ratting

Is it possible to do nullsec ratting in a normal Vexor and if so, with what fit? I heard a lot of peapole use the Vexor Navy Issue, but even though i can buy and fit it,i can’t afford to lose it, so it would be nice to know if i can rat in a cheaper version.

This web page explains the various combat sites in Eve and where they can be found.

The Navy Vexor has 2 important attributes for ratting:

  1. It can fit an oversize afterburner that lets it travel at very high speed with a small signature making it very difficult to hit.
  2. It can launch a full squadron of heavy drones with substantial bonuses to damage, hitpoints and (until recently) tracking.

The only comparable cruiser for damage potential is the far more expensive Gila. The standard Vexor can run low level combat sites but it does not compete in the same league. Battlecruisers can do the job but they are in the same price range as the VNI plus they are larger and slower which means easier to hit.

Last, but not least, local chat was turned off in Nullsec yesterday making it much easier for hunters to sneak up on ratters. Not a big problem for experienced pilots who are maintaining situational awareness, but inexperienced or AFK pilots are at higher risk.

you can belt rat in a ton of different ships but if you fit blasters and the right drones (with the skills) you can really put out some dps… also, on the plus side - people rarely check belts in sov space.

Thanks for the answers… I definitely learned something usefull!

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