Vexor Navy Issue

(de Obliviator Preon) #41

Thank you. Probably one of the best responses I got here.

(de Obliviator Preon) #42

Look, I am sorry about our argument there. I have mental problems. I have mental breakdown. I also am a psychopath. My mood fluctuates, and I have big mood swings. I feel real sorry for what I said up there.

(de Obliviator Preon) #43

So, can I meet you ingame and when? I am a huge supporter of Gallente Defense Union.

(Jaquan Wessette) #44

Oh my… you’re right they certainly are close. Little wonder though. Gal Mil reached the dominance over FW over 6 months ago if I recall and it seems they are still maintaining stable T3. That’s plenty of time during which getting VNI was pretty easy. So in HS Amarr is the best system from big 5.

(Keno Skir) #45

Everyone thinks they’re a psychopath. Most people are just morally bankrupt and want to feel ok about it.

Either way, you can fly with me sometime my foul mouthed friend :slight_smile:

(de Obliviator Preon) #46

Ok, I see your explanation to this problem. Thank you, Jaquan.

(de Obliviator Preon) #47

Well, trust me, you have never met me outside of this page, and you don’t know me. Don’t make false assumptions. You have never been inside my head. It’s ****ed up in there. People around me certainly know so.

(lanyaie) #48

What the actual ■■■■ is this thread.

(Keno Skir) #49

Gold dust.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #50

this thread is what happens when forum moderators have more important things to do with their lives, like EVE Vegas

(Art Vandolay) #51

It’s the liveliest MD on the new new new forums has been.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #52

tbh that’s not a high bar to clear

(Art Vandolay) #53

Remember that time all those financial celebrities asked for multiple hundreds of billions of ISK uncollateralized with 2% interest?

It got pretty lively then too.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #54

would like borrow 2 trillion

plz uncollateralized for a mate? u can trust me

(March rabbit) #55

Just take a note: this “thing” (Gallente militia and Factional Warfare in general) is not regular mission running in high-sec. It might be little dangerous in there.

(Zahara Cody) #56

Jita is by far the best place to trade.

(de Obliviator Preon) #57

It “might” be is the point. What’s the point of life without a little risk? Plus, I used to be a part of Gallente Defense Union.

(de Obliviator Preon) #58

Lol. You sell VNIs for 60 million. That is the worst price I can sell it for.

(Jeronica) #59

You could sell them in HED-GP for 100mil, you can be the lowest price there then!

(de Obliviator Preon) #60

HED is Null, I guess? Well, I did my calculations and found it to be inefficient, since you can technically just fly over to Empire space, unless it’s deep Null. Is it deep Null?