VheroTek United | A New beginning

Before I start off with where I’m headed let me talk about why I am taking a new direction.

As you all know the Bosena Accords is one of plenty warclone involved organizations. This one in particular with the initial goal of being a safe haven for those that needed a place away from concord or at the very least be among fellow Warclones or whatever reason they have for being in the organization. In the first few years I was fairly fine and confident about the state of the organization and can say I’ve definitely put in around 10-15 billion Isk into the organization over the few years of its existence. Although over the past few months I’ve felt like its been heading in a direction I’m not particularly am agreeable with, although I have always done what I thought to be the best action and give advisable direction as well. To sum it up, I’m at another time in my life where I’m migrating in another direction as I don’t feel my place is within the Bosena Accords anymore and as such, I would officially like to introduce my new Corp. I’ve grown over the past year while I have attended to other things within the cluster.

Vherotek United has been a personal project of mine over the past year and I’m fairly confident about what I can achieve with it through my own means. As time goes on the republic should continue advancing its technology and infrastructure. What Vherotek United offers is just that, as well as some… other activities to improve the regions of the republic. I’ll briefly describe what this is about and what I intend to do.

"Vherotek United Is a Minmatar Corporation in the Molden Heath region. Originally founded upon industry and research and development, it is now heavily involved in Anti-Piracy operations and across the regions of the Republic. Led by Warclone ‘Knight Guard Fury’, It has established itself as a well-known entity within the region, Hosting the best services for research in the system of Gulfonodi. Vherotek United aims to encourage a sense of strong self-sufficiency and self-determination in each and every member, making the organization itself one of the best out there.
The focus of the R&D department of Vherotek focuses on technological advancements and theories towards improving and creating even better Minmatar manufacturing and improving the standard. As for the military side of the organization, it currently wields a sizable 50,000 soldiers and warclones that are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. "

So to wrap this up, This will be the beginning of something new for me and I will still be looking into Efrit but in my own way.


and just so this is clear, yes im

  • am not going to directly associate myself with the accords. Although if I choose to help them then I will. (assisting in skarkon for example)

  • forming and managing my own group/organization

  • Still taking things into my own hands and decisions when something relevant happens in the republic.

Craven. I don’t know what else you can possibly expect to be seen as for this. The moment we need our old friends the most you break, order a tactical retreat, and let Red Troop run over us? And now you dare to say you’ll continue pressing the investigation we started that has culminated in us being abandoned by the international community “in your own way?”

The whole reason why we are in this position is because we all decided that pressing this investigation and fighting this war was worth the risks and the consequences. If you no longer wish to proceed with that commitment I cannot force you but doing this now? In the hopes of bending the knee and groveling not to be targeted by our enemies while leaving us to suffer the consequences?

I respect what you’ve done for the Accords. But I can’t respect this act of cowardice and desertion.

Oh trust me my spirit nor my will has broken, but As I’ve seen the decisions and actions play out, I’m simply not satisfied with how things have gone and I will not idly sit by anymore. I also won’t just allow Aegis or red troop to to simply capture you or your soldiers. As Traitorous of woman that Ammatar is, she deserves what’s coming to her and I wont be giving her an easy time by any means.

As for Efrit, I’m not going to get in your way. I will however watch him closely and get involved when necessary. I know you started all of this and I wont steal that away from you, thats about all I’ll say about that.

One final thing though, I’m no coward, you of all people should know that I’m anything but. On the other hand I know when to start extracting and that time for me happened to have been yesterday, but lucky for me I live and operate nearby both in null and in hi sec, so I can rapidly assist at a moments notice.
No hard feelings but this is how this is going to turn out for me.

How about ‘sensible’ or ‘andesh’?

Tribe first. All invaders must die.


You are ignoring the fundamental truth that this is an internal affair. If there is an investigation to be conducted, then it will be conducted by our people. We do not require, nor desire, the interference of any outsiders.

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