[Video] Six of Spades (public release)

Dear friends and foes,

I would like to present my first EVE video. It is I suppose right to say, my path in New Eden has always been followed with a burning passion to fly support role, and in the early days of my career I had an honour to fly with people, whom I hold dear to my heart…

Over the years, eras and meta of EVE combat developed, evolved, putting behind times so precious to me. This video is cinematic heavy(sped up quite a bit to smooth the heavy TiDi) and portrays only some of the shapes and sightseeing that can occur today, from deadly bombing squads to sniper titans. It is true, I suppose, that while modern EVE may be dominated by quantity of ships on the field, one role will always feel outnumbered and may feel as hamsters running on wheels to keep up the power required to run the fleets - the logistics pilots.

This video includes fall of the last Keepstar class citadel before the recent changes to Upwell Structures, my last armour fleet for the moment perhaps, and finishes with a glimpse of logistics fun(including hostile point of view) and solo triage fun.

To avoid YouTube variable bitrate buffering, preset quality to 1080p60 HD, buffering to enjoy the video.

Six of Spades


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