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What is the point of this option when it doesn’t show anything other than the citadel and space which I can assume is there anyhow…doesn’t show who or what is out there? Seems pointless to me. How about showing ships etc. outside too, would be nice. Can someone point out what I’m obviously missing here?


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I always assumed it would show any ships out there, and whatever else. Are you sure it doesn’t?

Also, I think the ‘walking in stations’ feature used to contain this capability, so since walking in stations was removed, maybe they are just preserving that capability?

Maybe you are right…don’t know. But every time I use it, so as that I get a quicker first undock, it never shows anything, even if I’m sure there are ships out there.

Using the View Outside Structure does not show any brackets or other features. It’s just for the scenic view.
If you want to see brackets and ships, you have to take control of the citadel.

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Right…Ok, thanks Dyver Phycad for that. So, in essence, utterly pointless unless you can take control of the citadel or want a quicker first undock.

Cheers for clearing that one up.


Useless if it does not show the ships outside.

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Citadels and other Upwell Structures never had the ‘Walking In Stations’ option available. The option to view the outside is for operating weapons on enemy targets or to simply view the structure graphics.

It does show everything including ships. But without brackets it‘s quite difficult to spot the tiny ships in contrast to the huge citadels without a “look at” option. Best chances are with freighters or other capitals which are big enough.


Yes I didn’t mean to imply that walking in stations ever existed on Upwell structures. Just that placing the view outside ability on Upwells was a way of preserving the view outside ability from the walking in structures. In fact I’m pretty sure I read that from a Dev.

Theres two things here, “Take control” and “View outside structures” are different functions.

As other people mentioned, you can see the ships, they are just tiny and unbracketed. You can also hear the warp ‘boom’ as people arrive and leave.

The main purpose, for me at least, of always having the outside view is that various graphics resources get loaded while you’re still docked resulting in less lag while undocking.

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Doesn’t matter, they both allow you to view the outside of the structure.

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