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So I’ve not played in about 8-9 years, and thinking on joining up again. But before I chuck my monies back in for a tester month as I can’t remember how to play the game at all, I just wanted to check if my video card will be able to handle the game. I’ve checked the min requirements.

Its just an Intel HD Graphics 620 card with only 128mb dedicated video memory (total is 8258mb).

I know it may lag in a busy area, and tbh I doubt I’ll ever be in a mega battle, but is it enough to handle the game?

Oh, also I live out in the countryside now, no fibre, only 5mbps on average, ditto on game can it run on this slow a connection?

If you’re running Windows 7 or newer with DirectX 11 and 4Gb RAM you can run the game. Whether it runs at acceptable speed will depend on a lot of variables.

You can download the client, login as an Alpha player and play forever at no cost - you only need a paid subscription if you want to use skills you’ve trained that aren’t part of the Alpha set.

16mb ram machine, windows 10

Not sure what alpha set is so will have to look it up. Would be handy to use my old player as I can see it has 2bill isk, and had ok levels (Battleship 5 etc).

You can login with your existing character. Skills you trained in the past that are not part of the Alpha skillset will be unusable until you upgrade to a subscription (Omega) account but you can still login and fly T1 frigates, destroyers & cruisers of your birth race.

Current status of clone states (with links to earlier devblogs):

Changes planned for next month:

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I run Intel HD 3000 and it crashes about 5% of the time on session changes and its a bit laggy on min graphics, using that as a baseline, yours seems to be about 2 to 3 times better than mine, so I would say that you would be fine.

I have a 2g card and I’m having studder issues around the dust.

But turning off the effects turns off the scram and bubble effects. I can’t tell what trouble I’m in till I’m screwed up.

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Cheers for replies

Logged in, my god I cannot remember how to play this game at all, so much so gotta go through basic training again haha. PC seems to run on average settings ok. It seems I can’t use most of my skills without upgrading to Omega as im overskilled on a lot of it (apart from some of the new stuff that was added over the years).

Might have a dabble with some of the smaller ships and see if I enjoy it again.

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