Void ammo

Void is clearly intended to be a short range high damage ammo, like Javelin. So why does it not have a tracking speed bonus like Javelin? Also, why does Void have a cap penalty and Javelin doesn’t? I think the tracking speed penalty for Void should be a bonus, and I think the cap penalty should be reduced or eliminated. What do you think?

All t2 ammo are specialized ammo with a penalty. They serve a specific purpose and does that super well but comes with drawbacks to balance them. Blasters and Railguns are 2 completely different weapon types, so they behave quite differently as well.

The main purpose of javelin is to boost the tracking of the railguns while also having a small damage increase at a heavy range cost.

Void on the other hand is supposed to be max damage ammo with a tracking and cap penalty (although the cap penalty doesn’t matter much). If void had a tracking bonus instead there would be no reason to use antimatter at all as void would outclass it in every way aside from falloff range.

So instead you are left with a choice: Is the target slow / big enough for me to be able to use void or is antimatter better? Likewise for railguns it is: Is the target so close that javelin is better or should I stick to antimatter?


I think:


But I don’t care if people stop using Antimatter charges as a result of this proposal. Stiff range penalties should come with a tracking bonus and vice versa. That makes logical sense, especially with a cap penalty thrown in on top of it.

No it doesn’t. Because the penalty is there for the sake of balance. Void is meant for slow / large targets (or targets where you can control transversal). Just like Hail, Conflagration, and Rage.


Then you’ve lost every right to make it. The balanced game means every part of it has its place and use.

Mizhir wrote everything which is needed to be written about the topic.


I guess I didn’t realize this game mechanic affected T2 ammo for the other turret types. Very well then. I’ll stick with Null (and Javelin).

because youre meant to use void on a target webbed so tight it cant move

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