Vote for the Best Current EVE Online Player

Who in your opinion is THE BEST CURRENT EVE Online player?
EVE Online has many facets to it and while all playstyles are valid, some players prefer to engage in PvP, PvE, Industry, Faction Warfare, Exploration, Planetary Interaction, Trading… exclusively one or an amalgam of all careers available.
This poll is not meant to favor a certain career over another but in the interest of brevity ( and humor ) only four categories have been included.
Some names appear in only one category while others in more than one. That is not meant to influence results in any way. It is simply presented this way in the interest of fairness and according to the suggestions received in the inquiry thread found here:

While the use of Alts to vote and prop a name up is discouraged, some members will undoubtedly do so. That is why:
This poll is for Entertainment only and does in no way reflect badly on the players named hereunder.
Any efforts to reference to this poll to prove any point is NOT valid.
Any efforts to reference to this poll in order to support or antagonize any player named hereunder is seriously frowned upon by the creator of this poll and is vigorously discouraged!

Each category stands on its own merit. Each category will have its own “Gold” “Silver” and “Bronze” winner.
The player with the most vote will be understood to hold the GOLD position. The player with second most votes will hold the SILVER position. The player with third most Votes will hold the BRONZE position in each category.

Thank you for your honest participation.

This category is dedicated to those players who do not shy away from combat and have sacrificed time and energy to engage other players.

  • Joe Poenix
  • Blight Wretch
  • Fluff Alole
  • Alistair Atreides
  • Kestrix
  • Pozdro Tubylcy
  • Hellokittyonline
  • Solonius Rex
  • AshenSugar01
  • Bladewise
  • Kris Povelli
  • Aiko “Cleopatra” Danuja
  • Brisc “Magnus” Rubal
  • Best EVE Player
  • Chribba
  • Lasken Emanuel
  • Rocket Hellfire
  • Tipa Riot
  • SCM Mike Azariah

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This category is dedicated to those players who have embraced and excelled in Player versus Environment.

[poll name=poll2 type=multiple results=always min=1 max=2 chartType=bar]

*Joe Poenix
*Blight Wretch
*Fluff Alole
*Alistair Atreides
*Pozdro Tubylcy
*Solonius Rex
*Kris Povelli
*Aiko “Cleopatra” Danuja
*Brisc “Magnus” Rubal
*Best EVE Player
*Lasken Emanuel
*Rocket Hellfire
*Tipa Riot
SCM Mike Azariah

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This category is dedicated to those who have made it their goal to share the bounties of EVE with other, less fortunate players.

[poll name=poll3 type=multiple results=always min=1 max=2 chartType=bar]

*Lasker Emanuel
*Joe Poenix
*Blight Wretch
*CSM Mike Azariah
*Fluff Alole
*Alistair Atreides
*Aiko “Cleopatra” Danuja
*Brisc “Magnus” Rubal
*Lasken Emanuel

[/* [poll ]

This category is dedicated to those players who have built a reputation over time. CCP CEO is included by players’ request. Forum Administrators have been included in the interest of fairness. Forum Moderators have been excluded in the interest of fairness. Player “Person Who Helped & and Encouraged Me” does not exist and is included in the interest of fairness.

[poll name=poll4 type=multiple results=always min=1 max=2 chartType=bar]

*CCP Detinate
*SCM Mike Azariah
*Hilmar V. Pétursson
*Aiko “Cleopatra” Danuja
*CCP Aura
*CCP Dopamine
*Brisc “Magnus” Rubal
*CCP Graven
*CCP Damage
*CCP Lilo
*Person Who Helped & Encouraged Me

[/* [poll ]

This category is dedicated to those players who have beat their own drum and nominated themselves.

[poll name=poll5 type=multiple results=always min=1 max=2 chartType=bar]

*Best EVE Player
*Azalais Selenica
*Tipa Riot
*Rocket Hellfire
*Solonius Rex

[/* [poll ]

Okay. The categories have been fouled up and only the first one turned out good.
Can’t edit poll after the first five minutes.

Bad poll maker:
Me :sweat_smile:


wait …
were is my name?


You gave your place to those players you suggested, lol.

I guess we only needed one category anyway!

This is modern eve – we hand out participation awards for all and then nerf them and then sell them back again.


Seems legit.


Obviously Aiko


@Chistoh_Teras_Orti Yeah, there was no need to waste all that time making a poll.
Gonna call it now
@Aiko_Danuja has won the GOLD for Best EVE Player.
Gonna put @Mike_Azariah for SILVER in the Generosity category.
I’ll add @Brisc_Rubal for BRONZE for Reputation.
And call it a night.

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Its like a bad night mare …the kind associated with the worst kind of indigestion.


In the category “combining EvE with CSM chores” my votes go to Mike and Brisc.

One of them drives a bus, the other hordes of angry pilots.


Sleeping pills and Pepto Bismol should do you some good.

Bad poll, misspelled the only 2 voted for: Lasker Emanuel and Blights Wretch

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Well, looking at the names you’ve listed, I can say there’s a lot more names with much larger reputations than most of the ones you listed.

Also should have created more categories as well, such as ‘Most Trusted’, ‘Most Hated’, ‘Most Despised’, ‘Most Known’, etc, etc.

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yah i said to him that he missed my name …

@Mike_Azariah hands down the best EVE player. Mike is probably the least selfish and least assholish of anybody i’ve met, aside from @Imiarr_Timshae or Archer en Tilavine :stuck_out_tongue:

A few more could probably join in the above mentioned, but i haven’t had the privilege to interact with them on a more social basis.


Archer is disqualified - it has to be a current player.

i don’t like to brag but im quite a hero
the number of noobs that i helped to join FW and most importantly not to be a miner is absolutely hugh mungus

but this topic is redundant since the real voting was closed yesterday

Here’s my list of categories and names:

Most PvP = The Mittani
Most PvE = DeMichael Crimson
Most Trusted = Chribba
Most Liked = Mike Azariah
Most Hated = James '315
Most Despised = CCP Hellmar
Most Known = CCP Guard

Yeah, I added my name for Most PvE because in the years before early 2010, a lot of players had to reluctantly pick a side between Amarr/Caldari or Gallente/Minmatar until I presented my ‘Faction Standing Repair Plan’. That soon became a major game changer for a lot of players. In fact ‘The Plan’ was publicly recognized and praised by CCP Spitfire…

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At least the broken condition of the Poll itself and the mis-spelled names makes me feel like its a CCP effort