[VPN] Official Venal Prosperity Network thread

Sorry i didn’t get to this sooner.

I’m happy to see the enthusiasm pilot! I can’t say anything about joining the Guristas proper as I’m not a member myself. I can certainly help you get settled out in these parts and give you the equipment to start putting in some work if that interests you.

Contact me anyway you see fit.

I did! Thank you for selling such high quality equipment to me, was quite a surprise to see you on my doorstep all of a sudden, a pleasant one at least.


I’d like to thank Mr. Yaken both for his noble effort of revitalizing this corner of the cluster - and for the expedite processing of my humble request for a ship fit to exact specifications. It’s a pleasure to financially support the VPN with my small purchase. :upside_down_face:


I have a small announcement,

As declared when the VPN was first announced, we have the focus of cooperating with the Guristas, to add onto their infrastructure and aid them where we can.

For the past week, Capsuleers have been raiding hunting outposts scattered across New Eden, I other hand, on behalf of the Venal Prosperity Network, has been hunting for opportunities to pitch in and do my part, from several failed kamikaze attempts with kestrels strapped with Capacitor neutralizers and trying to conduct search and rescue operations from sites halfway cleared.

I have to say, that the Guristas standing guard at these outposts are incredibly effective and competent, while they’re for sure getting their asses handed to them by Capsuleers that have figured out their strategy. plenty of them are returning the favor and scrapping Capsuleers to even the bodycount. To you pilots, you have my respect (How much that means to you is your personal evaluation)

However I’m not here to make my contribution some kind and encouraging words, i haven’t gotten that desperate yet in trying to help.

What i bring to the table, is a bit of weight.

6,276 ships, Frigates and destroyers.

A drop in the bucket in comparison of the actual Guristas fleet, I’m sure. Again however, the VPN is entirely for pitching in and trying to help the Guristas where we can. THis small fleet worth of ships? I present free of charge for the Guristas to use in the ongoing hunt.

The ships are located in Guristas owned territory, their capital system of 6NJ8-V and stored within their Shipyard owned by Guristas Production. All ships being presented have been built within this station. The estimated worth of the ships is totaled at three billion ISK (Probally more if i sold these at Venal prices). They’ve been contracted over to the Gurista’s liaison for Capsuleer relations, Ohminen Sin.

If this fleet doesn’t end up being used for the hunt and just tossed ontop of the standard Guristas fleet? SO be it, at least we contributed in some way beyond what is already being done on my end.

Special thanks to Brotherhood of Spacer’s Jump Freighter division for helping me import the amount of material needed to amass this stockpile of frigates and destroyers. Their incredible pricing and reliability is god-like and available to any Capsuleer apart of the Venal Prosperity Network.

Hivaa Saitsuo Guristas!

------------------------ ------------------------


Very happy to read about your ventures. I would like to have a conversation regarding access to your fluid router, a data/voice connection is all that is required on my part. I would be unable to come to your market station as I am currently on patrol in other parts of the cosmos.

I shall message you as soon as possible, and hope to foster business and scientific relationships.


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B0SS Alliance is recruiting any pvp’ers interested in living in glorious Venal!
Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/9DeaSP8


Apologies for not responding sooner.

I’m pleased you find all progress pleasant to read up on and that you’re interested in establishing some closer relationship with the Region.

I for one can say that you’ll plenty of opportunity in whatever scientific pursuit you have in mind. The Guristas are famous for their brawn, but the organization is incredibly brilliant when it comes to developing (And Improving) technology.

We can discuss communications more privately, hopefully one day you can make it out here.

And ladies and gentleman - the CEO of Star Frontiers, Argus Sorn. A.K.A the Boss of BOSS…When they let him that is.

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Been awhile, but I’ve found another order on the Network worth making a Flash order out of.

Flash Order

Station: Y-4CFK V - Moon 17 - Guristas Testing Facilities

User: Jovus Ghira - Guirstas Abyssal Analyst

Time Limit: [FULFILLED]


Abyssal space is home to many undiscovered secrets just waiting to be discovered. I have some potential theories that my colleagues find laughable and the work of me consuming too much science-fiction, but I know what I have in mind will work…So long as i have the material to work with. Unfortunately I won’t have any allocated to me, therefore I require some neanderthals to “borrow” some spare data the Traiglavians have kept on Abyssal deadspace. Any scrap will do, don’t care if the data is just about the damn crust of some far flung rock out there. Grab it, and bring it to the Guristas Tasting Facility in Y-4CFK and you’ll be paid handsomely.

  • Jovus Ghira

Requested Goods


-------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

Hello IGS

I’m here today to talk about some terrible news coming out of the system of H-PA29, where an explosion occurred in the pit-hangers of a fighter-craft raceway aboard the Guristas Assembly plant in orbit of H-PA29 IV Moon 2. This incident happened about a week back, but was picked up and reported on via ticker in the more recent Discourse broadcast.

The detonation is the result of a contamination of fuel used by the Dragonfly-class fighters that run one the track. The bodycount of 1,500+ is a mixture of both pitcrews, spectators and two competing pilots, with another 1,000+ injured by the blast.

The health and well being of the survivors is already being taking care of, and the explosion is being invested despite of what little remains of the crime scene. While we wait for more details to surface, the VPN is prepared to step in and fund the repairs.

So consider this a Flash order in it’s own way…Except it’s coming directly from me this time. Same rules applies, generousu payouts for goods with bonus rewards to who ever fuffils majoriy (And sees to the complelte fufillment) of these following buy orders.

Requested Goods

  • 5,000 Units of [Construction blocks] - 25,000 [ISK] per unit
    Bonus: 1x Worm Blueprint copy

  • 5,000 units of [Mechanical Parts] - 25,000 [ISK] per unit
    Bonus: 1x Worm Blueprint copy

  • 1x Structure Hanger Array
    Bonus: 3x Worm Blueprint Copy

Buy orders for these goods are currently up in the HPA29 - Moon 2 - Guristas Assembly Plant and will remain up for two weeks. If anyone would like to some items they think would be of use, do contact me and we can work out prices

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Can confirm that the Construction blocks have been delivered by the Capsuleer Techno Lee and are being transferred to Station administration to use in repairs.

I do have an update on the incident currently, Debris and destroyed structure from the explosion have been cleared and the foundations for reconstruction are in place. Now with materials - They can get to work right away.

On the Investigation side of things, still struggling to figure out what went on, Crime scene was made nearly nonexistent from the explosion, but teams are starting with questioning the pit crews assigned to that hanger. Sabotage seems to be the cause of the incident, but very well could have been some accident with the fighter fuel.

The causalities among the audience is in part to one section of the stands being build on top of the hangers, when it comes to making a race track inside a station, gotta make some compromises to make space for it.

There’s’ still the hanger array and Mechanical Parts that we need over here, there’s seven days left on the buy orders

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Interstellar Euphoria [.DRUG] is pleased to report we have successfully delivered the requested Structure Hanger Array to H-PA29 Guristas Assembly Plant.

While the delivery was made by me and my crew, I must acknowledge the efforts of The Coreli Corporation whose pilots transported the materials required for the Hangar Array Construction and whose station it was built. They were even kind enough to temporarily retool a factory in their primary Pharmaceutical plant in order to meet the delivery deadline. The employees of both Corporations are big fans of the racing circuit and look forward to its return from tragedy. You will find our factory workers and ship crews have signed their well wishes and condolences across the superstructure of hangar assembly.

As a proud member of the Venal Prosperity Network, Interstellar Euphoria is glad it has been able to assist in the rebuilding efforts. We have delivered a case of the finest Kaalakiota Peaks Vodka to be used to toast those who were lost at the first race back.


During the unloading of materials in the Coreli Factory, 10 stow-aways were found in the cargo that had come from Jita. Initially they were suspected to be corporate spies for a rival drug producer. However they were adamant their reasons for travel were pure. They only ever spoke of “the winds” and a Guru named Suha. Even after extensive…pressure… was applied they maintained they were on a pilgrimage to a shrine on Nsyan III. Truth boosters were administered and their bio-metrics proved they were not lying. We regret any… suffering… they may have had. Coreli Security personnel transferred them to Interstellar Euphoria custody and I have seen them delivered to the care of Avio Yaken. They are currently in accommodations in the Planet IV Moon 2 Assembly Plant. We have secured room and board for 14 days.


@Gypsy_Nox Once again, I have to extend my gratitude to the efforts of the Coreli corporation/Interstellar Euphoria for pitching in and delivering the requested good to the station. Especially something as bulky and hard to move as an entire hanger array. We’ll make sure it gets to where it needs to be.

As for these stowaways… How very curious. Thank you for you thoroughness in screening them, we’ll take them from here.

Now then, with the array, construction blocks and majority of the mechanical parts (I can cover the rest, no worries on finishing it this time around). I’d say we can supply the station with everything it needs to make the repairs and then some.

There has been a lot of progress made on the investigation. The clear cut answer behind it all may be kept hidden from me, but we do have some further insight on the incident.

After speaking with pit crews, combing over footage, checking logs for who had used their I.D card to get past doors leading into the pits - we can safely determine that not only was this a sabotage, but an assassination attempt at the same time.

The two competing pilots that died in the explosion were two of the best pilots in the circuit, and I have brief biographies assembled for both of them.

------- Hiho “Daredevil” Leinsson -------

Hiho Leinsson is a former Federal Navy fighter pilot turned freelance stunt pilot that worked for numerous studios in the Federation and beyond. Hugo’s stunt work is sometimes the main focus of the camera, while other times he’s one of the nameless extras in massive fleet fights you see in holo-reels. While making steady income off this career, Hiho began craving some more genuine thrills that weren’t dependent on a holo-reels script and began taking part in illegal fighter craft races in special deadspace complexes deep in Fedeal space. Eventually catching the attention of the authorities and making a run across the border, all the way to Venal where he’s craving for speed and danger can be encouraged.

------- Tani “Subwarp” Jorve -------

Not much is really know about this pilot aside from her winnings in the track. Rumored to have been discharged from the Republic Fleet for insubordination, Tani lived life as an independent mercenary moving around from job to gig. From citadel defense to severing aboard a Capsuleer carrier three times, each of which she was deployed and survived one time. Somehow making her way to Venal (Potentially after cutting ties with a Capsuleer client) she took up work on the race track to make some money. She ends up becoming one of the most feared pilots on the course, being both agile and fast at the same time.

Both of these pilots were killed with contaminated fuel that cuased their crafts to explode. An agent disguised as a member of the bit crew slide though security and deposited an unknown chemical into the pit’s fuel dispenser. In this state, it’s completely harmless - however, after being put Into the fuel tank of a fighter? Entire craft becomes a bomb the moment the pilot starts up it’s systems. Both pilots were seated and ready to start their engines as soon as they got the order that the race was about to begin.

After the crafts exploded, it set off a chain reaction with the rest of the fuel that was being stored there, creating the damage it did.

The culprit behind this sabotage/Assasination is still at large, and we’re still questioning motivations. General impression is that since these were two of the most fiercely competitive pilots on the course, removing them would no longer make them a factor in future events.

Gossip aside, VPN has succeeded with it’s mission in supplying the affected station with the materials it needs for repairs. And we have the Capsuleers who made the delivery to thank for it.

Should anything else come of this event, we’ll be sure to mention it.


Small little market update I’d like to toss out there.

Morphite is now on the market in 6NJ8-V. Mined and reprocessed by yours truly.

Morphite is an incredibly rare and desirable material only find in Mercoxit ore. Very hard to find stuff, also a tad bit dangerous to mine if you’re not careful. The asteroids packed with this ore have a tendency to leak toxic gas that can damage a ship’s shield and armor. Honestly I found it a little strange that I had to worry about both the pilots coming into the system and the rocks I was mining at the same time…

The Morphite is being sold at 25,000 ISK per unit, a slight mark-up compared to Jita’s prices. I wanted something that was both affordable, yet defensive to prevent buyout from a single customer.

I’d like this morphite to spread out and reach different customers in Venal. Local industrialists who need the material for advanced production of tier 2 grade equipment and ships.

I’ll be examining how these stuff sells and be adjusting prices if I think it’s not high enough to prevent total buyout. Also by setting a high enough price, hopefully encourage people to sell locally rather than exporting their goods. Take advantage of the prices you can set out here to make back the profit.

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Been awhile, but i do have an opportunity for someone to make some serious money if they don’t mind moving some weapons…

Flash Order

Station: N5Y-4N VII - Moon 20 - Guristas Logistic Support

User: Suha Raibuya - Windchime Guru

Time Limit: [2 Week]


These are uncertain times we live in. A foreign force with intentions still shrouded in mystery are laying siege to systems in Empire space. These Triglavians are a threat, no doubt about that. Any threat that is capable of ripping an opening in the middle of your space and nullifying the point of your border defences is a threat worth taking deadly seriously…

The Triglavians have no history of attacking Venal, let alone any system of Null-security space. Despite this I find it unwise to sit on my hands and assume they’ll keep their distance forever… No, plans must be made in the event of an attack from them. I have no say in how the Guristas decide to defend this space, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an idea to do my own preparations.

I require weapons… Lots of them in fact. An entire stockpile of small-arms to keep stored in the event of an invasion by the Triglavians. With a stockpile in hand I’ll see to the distribution of weapons firstly to any Gurista Militia guarding colonies in need of an overhaul in equipment with surplus to spare. While secondly proper Guristas military forces will be handed small arms should they require it in the event of an Invasion. I’m in no position to be picky, so manufactures are irrelevant, they could be Amarrian or Gallente made for all I care. All I wanna know if they’re capable of killing a Triglavian - The rest we can work out ourselves.

The Guristas Logistical Station in N5Y-4N is where I’d like the weapons delivered. The going rate for a crate of small arms will be 15,000 ISK per unit.Ammo can be sourced locally, so just the weaponry will do.

  • Suha Raibuya

Requested Goods

75,000 units of [Small Arms] - 15,000 [ISK] per unit
Bonus: 2x Worm blueprint copies

This is a matter of defensive preparations, bastards could attack any minute if they wanted too - So anyone that can fulfill this order will have a lot of ISK in their wallets.

I would like to get involved as a freelancer, how can this be done?

Not ignoring the Poster above me, Already contacted them in private

It’s been awhile, but we got a flash order need fulfilling, big prizes this time around.

Flash Order

Station: The Rabbit’s Warren - 6NJ8-V

User: Suha Raibuya - Windchime Guru

Time Limit: [1 Month]


The Caldari State - To me - Is starting to buckle under the weight of these Triglavian invasions. I care not for the State itself, but I do feel sympathy for the people who for so long held faith that their military would be able to protect them… I know how I’d feel in that moment. So I can relate, I can sympathize and hope better for them.

I however, - CAN - do better for them. At least in hopes of offering them refuge far away from the failures and blunders of the Caldari Navy! And somewhere safe, secured and liberating! I’m talking of course, Venal. Sooner or later I expect many citizens of the State to flee up here in hope that they can escape the eventual collapse of their government. I am however not as naive as people make me out to be, the Guristas can’t have refugees flood their space on such drastic notice, supplies are limited and I’d hate for anyone to run the gauntlet up here and be turned away…

So, I will be creating my own stockpile of supplies. These supplies will be mine to distribute to any refugees that show up on Venal’s doorstep. And hopefully by doing this, I can alleviate any strain a mass influx of refugees would have on the Guristas.

I need food that can be preserved, water and of course medical supplies to heal the injured and help prevent outbreaks from starting. All supplies will be brought to the Freeport Foritzar in 6NJ8-V, The Rabbit’s Warren. Space is another factor with refugees, so by making the Fortizar a place to house refugees? We expect this would make it that much easier for the Guristas to help any refugees in their own way.

Suha Raibuya

Requested Goods


150,000 units of [Antibiotics] - 2,500 [ISK] per unit
Bonus: 2x Worm blueprint copies

350,00Units of [Frozen Food] - 1,000 [ISK] per unit
Bonus: 5x Worm blueprint copies

300,000 units of [Water] - 1,000 [ISk] per unit
Bonus: 3x Worm blueprint copies


This afternoon Sorn Interstellar made the journey to deep Venal for the Fortizar in 6NH8-V, and after hours of unloading the S-II Dawnchaser more than 400.000m3 food and medicine was offloaded, and moved to our little workshop in the market section of the Fortizar. As CEO of Sorn Interstellar, I hope that this will help the people, as well as new immigrants from the empires to a better life free of Triglavians out here in beautiful Venal.

Along with these items, a large number of diverse items ranging from Taobaco and alcohol to more, let’s say exotic items (all items sold by S-II are affordable for Baseliners as well as Capsuleers). S-II knows that life can be rough out in the lawless areas of space, and goods like these assist us all get through life. With this, we will renew our business in 6NJ8-V


That was quick

Maria Blackfire, I for one am greatly appreciative of your organization’s hasty work in fulfilling this order and I’m happy to say that the bonus has been sent out, and Is awaiting acceptance. Your business added business in sell orders is also welcomed.

Well that takes care of that, We now have a modest stockpile of essential goods to use in the event of a Influx of refugees from the Caldari State. Never hurts to be prepared, yeah?

If any proud of the citizen of the State is trading this, and no longer have hope of your own military being able to protect you - then please - come down our way, far from the invading Trigs where you can put your strength behind the Guristas instead. We’ll be waiting for you.

Sends my regards to Suha, she is doing good work, even though I don’t believe much the wind or what she preaches, that one sermon I listened to was nice and calming in a strange way.
As my father use to say. Words have power, and the ones that knows how to used them rules over the rest.

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After already speaking to Avio in private I want to use this opportunity to thank him again in public!
I only left capsuleer training a short while ago, but quickly felt unhappy with the State’s actions, especially in the (lack of) response to the ongoing Triglavian aggression. So when I read about this opportunity to live life in a different way, I immediately made contact and moved here only days after that and so far I can only say one thing: It could not have gone any better!

The residents of the region, both capsuleers and baseliners, are extremly welcoming and only hours after arriving I already made lucrative business contacts with the Guristas. The market situation in 6NJ8-V is excellent and with every new capsuleer the situation will improve even further. But most importantly, the sense of freedom you feel out here makes you realize how supressed you are under empire rule. I know that thanks to this initiative I will be able to make a difference for all the Caldari that now look for a new home, because they start to understand that the State will not protect them but only itself.

Thank you for making all of this possible Avio, let’s turn this place into a new and better home for everyone!


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