[VRAC] Federation Day Grand Prix

Fly safe and good luck, racers!

On second thought, fly a bit dangerous. Better chance of winning that way.


Thank you for the encouraging words, Mr. Ellis.

Thank you for keeping an eye out on your legacy as well. Here’s hoping it’ll be a success!

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Me too but my crew seem to have disappeared. They mentioned something about the zero-G bar in Dome C.


See you around Auriga, and may the best pilot win

You too Maira. With how busy it is out here suddenly I’d settle for us all getting home in one piece.

The Grand Prix is over, The Race has been Ran!

The participants, their times and their prizes are as follows:

  • First place: Pamitha Devara, in 9m25s. Winning a Navy Issue Megathron and 1Billion ISK.
  • Second Place: Azazel Drakonis, in 9m45s. Winning a Navy Issue Brutix and 500million ISK.
  • Third place: Insidious Sainthood, in 10m7s. Winning a Navy Issue Vexor and 250million ISK.
  • Fourth place: Maira Blackfire, in 10m30s. Winning a Navy Comet and 50million ISK.
  • Fifth place: Auriga Menkalinan, in 10m50s. Winning a Navy Comet and 50million ISK.
  • Sixth place: Francophobia Phonaga, in 11m25s. Winning a Navy Comet and 50million ISK.
  • Sevent place: Komi Valentine, in 12m00s. Winning a Navy Comet and 50million ISK.
  • Eighth place: Eric Lancier, in 15m57s. Winning a Navy Comet and 50million ISK.
  • Ninth place: Runa Regret, in 16m00s. Winning a Navy Comet and 50million ISK.

Thank you to all participants,
Thank you to all who came to watch and cheer.

~Venture Racing.

(A bigger report will come Soon™)
( some pictures courtesy Sara Seraph)


[Rebroadcast of the Federation Day Grand Prix Coverage: Malin Hanssen doing the commentary, screens showing what they could., along the route.]

The racers would be presented, gathering the at the starting line of the Federation Grand Prix in Luminaire.

[The camera drones would show large amounts of fireworks exploding in bright colours around the stands and the starting line where Malin Hanssen in the VRT Victory, a Megathron Navy Issue is circled by the nine contestants of the race.]

The contestants of the Federation day Grand Prix are starting to line up as we speak. In no particular order the contestants are: Auriga Menkalinan racing for Chatelain Astronautics, flying an Ares!
Next up, is Azazel Drakonis flying his Malediction interceptor under the colours, and for the glory of Electus Matari!
We have Eric Lancier in his Comet! A signature ship for such a day, we’ll see how it fares! He is backed by his Lancier Trading corporation.
Followed by well known philantropist and candidate for Mr. Federation, Francophobia ! Flying his Malediction under the Khimi Harar flag!
Insidious Sainthood is our next racer, flying for RvB and the Caldari State, he is on foreign soil here, but who knows he can win the races… Flying a Claw!
Besides him is Komi Valentine, flying her signature Vherokior Probe, let’s see what it can do against interceptors!
Pamitha Devara is our next contender, from the Devara family! Flying her Ares for the Devara Biotech and Ars investment group!
Maira Blackfire, for Sorn Interstellar is the next racer, she’ll fly her Claw into the Grand Prix, hoping to ‘‘claw’’ her way to victory! And finally, but let’s hope not lastly! Runa Regret. flying for Sarano Planetary and the glory of greater Dammalin, in her Intrepid Atron!

There is the clock, counting down: 30seconds until the lights go green! And the racers are off. Having just received their waypoints.
It seems everyone is instantly off, apparently plotting their routes as they go, except Auriga, who seems to take his time plotting his route.
And They are all set off now, we’ll turn to our camera teams at the checkpoints to see where our racers go!

For everyone’s information, their checkpoints are in Nearby Space. Pemene and Chantrousse to be exact! For those who want to see where that takes them, plot your own route now on your datapads.

[There is three minutes of camera drone footage, gate jumps and warps and gatejumps and warps. It is Pamitha on one end, Azazel and Maira on the other according to the overlays]

There they are: the first two have reached the first checkpoint, It’s Azazel and Maira, heead to head with Oh, is that Insidious right behind them? And the probe of Miss Valentine even kept up! Each burning from the warp-in point to their designated checkpoint to lift their item from their container!

Ah, there is Pamitha, she decided to go the other way around the circuit, doing checkpoint two first.
Back to the first checkpoint, the first have already left the checkpoint already, they are -FAST!-
Franco is landing now as well, while Insidious, Azazel and Maira are already under way for their second checkpoint. As well as Pamitha has left for her second checkpoint!

[more footage, camera drones switching around the ships as they complete the second leg of the circuit]

Is… is that… Runa and Eric landing way behind the pack at checkpoint one, seemingly held up somewhere, and having a little trouble accessing their containers it seems! Can they catch up?

That is Azazel, hitting his second checkpoint, making for his container -now!- Meanwhile Maira and Insidious are on. his. tail!

On the other end of the circuit is Pamitha, also landing for her second checkpoint, but she is doing the checkpoints in reverse order. Can she race the home stretch and win it from Azazel?

Franco now as his second checkpoint, Auriga with him, while the head of the pack is already on the home straight!
Runa seemed to have definite trouble with her container, only leaving the first checkpoint now, 8minutes into the game. Komi is at her second checkpoint now. That Probe is faster than it looks.
Eight minutes into the race now, home stretch for the head of the pack.

[The camera switches to the finish line]

Pamitha Devara has Finished! Well under ten minutes!
Azazel right behind her!
Insidious has Finished! That is our top three contenders. Let’s see what the rest does.

[the camera switches back to the racers]

Auriga finishing ahead of Maira, but… technical difficulties showing his both checkpoint marks has Maira setting a better time. The Rules did say it was about showing the completed race! But that must sting nonetheless.
Franco is home as well! Followed by Komi Valentine! That is seven out of the nine racers home in under twelve minutes.

We are waiting for the last two racers: Eric Lancier and Runa Regret, neck and neck down the final straight!
There they come, Eric is finished! and Runa right behind him.
They both have their checkpoints completed, ending in just under sixteen minutes.
Final times and rankings will be announced in the Arcadian Strand Bar and Restaurant where the afterparty is also held!

[The broadcast ends there, cutting to shots of a busy Arcadian, where the nine contestants and the spectators are thanked, then the racers awarded their prizes.]