Vrix Nation looks to have run out of puff

While reading a bedtime story last night, it had reminded me about that big bad wolf in New Eden.
My first home made of straw Athanor | Frostpacker | Killmail | zKillboard when that day long long ago the big bad wolf huffed and puffed which blew my house down.

The very next day the big bad wolf returned but this time my home was made of sticks which the wolf also blew down. Athanor | Frostpacker | Killmail | zKillboard as little did I know just how powerful that big bad wolf could blow!

Now the place I call Home is in a Keepstar which I know is made of bricks and I know that I am forever safe from that big bad wolf.

Which brings out the reason for digging up such a long time ago past event.
Where are they now? Where is that big bad wolf hiding? Did you run out of puff Vrix Nation?

Now everyone knows that the little piggy (me) lived happily ever after!

You cannot really blow up a keepstar in highsec. It should be safe.

Vrix Nation left a couple of years ago, but we did enjoy blowing your little house down :slight_smile:


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