Death of the first Wormhole Keepstar, and first ever

Oï everyone !

Today, early in the morning, this happened :

The death, of not only the first Keepstar to be built in a wormhole, but the first Keepstar ever ! Holded by Hard Knocks Citizen, little could be done against the 1359 capsuleers fleet assembled by the Goonswarm Federation, The Initiative, and multiple allies.

Writing history right here !


At least not the first keepstar destroyed, though. And look, HKI didn’t need to blob so ridiculously either. Nothing really to be proud of. And look, Inner Hell’s is worth more than your kill, too. :smile:

I’m sad abut this. :sleepy: Keepstar in a WH space is so cool. Too bad it died


What goes around comes around, eh ?

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Never said that this was the first Keepstar to die.

It’s the first Keepstar deployed in a wormhole, and the first Keepstar to be ever built by a capsuleer organisation. It’s destruction, even if it’s not the blingest, hold quite a lot of story of EVE Online.


Does it? Mostly, Keepstars stand for nothing else but annoying gameplay and frustrating server performance.


Might be, might be not.
For a wormhole entity, a Keepstar is an investment and an achievement. Even more when it’s this one, HK fought hard, but had to finally destroy their assets before the explosion.

Ship shooting, ship blowing up. EVE life following its course, just a white rock for once.


Sadness at the forces who disregard the storyline history built into all eve and see a target to be destroyed instead of a target to be fought over and treasured ownership to the victors


Agreed, sadly I don’t know if Hard Knocks, even when all defenders would be sitting in pods and denied the access to the Keepstar, would have transferred the ownership.

Now, all we can hope to keep the memory, is for CCP to create a permanent wreck on the Keepstar death site, like they did with the first Avatar destroyed.


It is funny how salty HK are after first spending years hunting down & evicting small WH entities.

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Sounds funny !
Where did they showed that slatyness, please ?

I think it’s rather funny, how you try so hard to make them look salty, when really there wasn’t much of that compared to what they lost. Your name checks out, eh.

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The logistics seemed to be really good and overall a good team effort. That being said, the killing itself was simply execution against a hearvily outnumbered opponent.

The sad thing is that the attackers enjoy the Asset Safety of Nullsec, so even if it was the other way around (HK blobs dicking on outnumbered INIT, with the local/intel advantage for the defender not depending on 24/7/365 hole control), the outcome would not nearly be as interesting for the attacker.

The main piece of history here is that the Imperium blobs have grown so much, many other people stopped playing and that we’re currently seeing the phase of playing out superior position, possibly with no other goal than keeping oneself busy and entertained as long as this kind of content allows it.


I’m not quite sure that the concept of “superior numbers” being an important strategy is anything “new”, there was a chinese guy who included that strategy in a book written in 500 B.C., and I imagine anyone who read that particular chapter at the time was like “duhhh” and flipped to the next page to learn something they didn’t already know.

Congrats to the Initiative and all involved !
Simply amazing. It must have been tons of logistics and time involved in this.

Hard Knocks kind of deserved this

I wonder how much is still locked in the wormhole in logged off freighters and what part was actually lost. Will we ever know? Hardly.

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Sometimes it is good to remind the things you already know. Maybe you find something new about them. Superior numbers are a valid strategy, but it is not just an advantage, but also a different kind of challenge to make it work. I would assume that most of the preparation was done in secret by the logistic team behind this, because larger number means higher chance of feeding a spy. Then you have coordination to manage. While it’s pretty handy that everybody sits in front of their computer and outside tools + EVE itself offer a lot of ease on coordinating with one another, it still needs people who set all of this up and run the show and of course line members who are willing to follow military order. Then again logistics in terms of equipment, scouting and all of that - not an easy thing at all, especially considering the circumstances.

With all that established, the rest was pretty much piñata and as far as I’ve seen HK are pretty good sports about it.

So no, it’s certainly not new. Forming the biggest blob possible is the win strategy in EVE, as long as you can manage the size. That’s all and that’s how it is.

The only thing I don’t quite like about the attack on HK is that it could not have worked the other way around due to asset safety in Null.

So then it sounds pretty dumb to store all your stuff in a wormhole starbase if you know beforehand that asset safety wont do anything.

Seems to me this was really more due to HK’s arrogance and overconfidence than anything else. Why WOULDN’T you take advantage of your opponents complacency?

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Well, duh. Even for en entity as large as Hard Knocks, keeping most important assets on an alliance level packed in the same place solve A LOT of logistical problems. It’s a risk to take, but you can’t just make a stockpile somewhere in null, low or highsec space, as the randomness of wormhole connections can prevent any form of defense against threats on the corporation depots. Plus, what could be stored outside of the main wormhole, if it’s so important ? Capitals ? Dreadnought are used for ratting in C5-C6 sites, plus make a formidable defense force when combined with FAX machines.

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  • other people don’t have competent leaders, they often fight with each other instead of creating a counter-blob.
  • even (some) former WH corps took over DRF (skill, hawks,hk) and nobody did anything about it so current coalitions to expand , recruit from former alliances and so on.
  • this is what happens when you run after 2 rabbits: both nullsec involvement and WH operations and don’t have the numbers: your members need to be scattered between here and there, leaving both areas with less security.
  • INIT has pulled off a tremendous logistic operation: hundreds of ships sent in the hole plus seeding the market with ammo of all types, deployed 31 raitarus and 1 fortizar, maintained hole control 24/7 with at least 30-40 people around the hole at any given moment, and someone to scan the new sig.
  • blobbing in null is easier, send a scout and a cyno ship, light cyno, jump supers, profit
  • i would love to see HK reforming in nullsec and coming to Fountain for a revenge. (i’m bored of so much krabbing)
  • lastly, check the interview from INN, it was a WORMHOLER who tipped Pandoralica about the possibility to kill the KS in Rage, so hate comes from their own actions.

After all this, i only hope they will not disband as CO2, although there is a reddit post that says they will go to PL. But we all knew that, right? Whoever roamed in Cobalt Edge for small pew pew or BLOPS or whatever, has seen the PL/PH krabbing guys there.