History made in EVE: the 100'th Keepstar on zkillboard!

Limits are made to embolden us to reach and break them. Today, a milestone has been reached: the 100’th Keepstar loss on zkillboard. And the alliance shamed with this distinction is „Test Alliance Please Ignore”, through the „Upvote” corporation. The Keepstar was aptly named “Worthless Dropstar” and the kill took place today – 2021.08.15, in the E3OI-U solar system, in Delve, during „World War Bee 2” or „The Bietnam War” (now The Imperium calls the conflagration). It was a 207.88 billion ISK loss.
Congratulations to all of New Eden for reaching this milestone.

Here is a recording of the historic explosion:

*Note: this is not technically the 100’th Keepstar to fall, as there have been several before that didn’t generate kill-mails, but this is the 100’th to generate one and in effect the 100 loss-entry for a Keepstar on zkillboard.com.

Adrian Vexier – “Stay safe and fly dangerous!”


pretty explosion

Impressive. I like the shockwave it generated. Reminds me of the shockwave in Star Trek Undiscovered Country when Praxis explodes.
Could some ships have gone boom as well with such a large explosion? Can nearby ships be destroyed?

No. That would make a lot of people very angry.

What about the keepstar owner, wasn’t he angry?

Possibly, but with whom in particular?

Oh I don’t care with whom, lol. I just found it strange that a logical thing like a huge explosion damaging nearby ships would anger people but the destruction of the keepstar wouldn’t anger the owner but you said “possibly” so I’m fine with that answer.
I would’ve said “definitely” but that’s just me.

The ships are owned by individual players, that keepstar by the executor corp, so it’s possibly written off as a consequence of war.

Collateral damage, eh? lol
How much does a Keepstar cost? It’s probably in the billions, right? It may be written off but it had to hurt.
I’d like to find out more about it. Like, is that the end of a war? The size of the corporations involved and such… Guess ZKillboard would be a good place to start looking into it. Any other source of info besides ZKillboard?

Damn, this might hurt.
It was actually 101 not 100.
Another one died about an hour before this one, it was number 100 on Zkill.

Sorry OP, this one just doesn’t matter.

History would be if it was the last ever Keepstar

Palatine Keepstar lossmail when? :thinking: