I have an idea, I know people don’t wont this anymore but a small amount of people do…

But i have an idea!

What about behind the door, add a room with windows, and then add a clone bed in the middle which you can climb into and then your clone get transported into another clone at a different station, you can choose what ever station you want as long as you have visited this station before. Then add another door at the end which then you can add something next time, you could add something every few months.

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I suspect CCP will have to decide to either keep supporting Encarna with each major graphics update, actually expand it, or just cut it loose, in the not too distant future.

Encarna is interesting, but I think it was a mistake to do it in stations, they should have done it in the ships, with a custom Captain’s quarters for each major class of ship, and it should have been based upon tele-presence, not actual presence.

It should have been based upon the same idea as controlling ships, except you are controlling humanoid drones, or other types, such as tracked drones, flying drones, swimming drones, Mechs, and etc.

The idea being that you are plugged into your ship, and can transfer your presence to deployed drones from that ship to control them in new environments, and immediately transfer back your ship if needed, and reconnect to the deployed drone later on, if it is still there.

Your “Captain’s Quarters” drone, or observation deck drone would just be a hi-tech humanoid drone within your ship. That would have solved a lot of game-play issues many had come up with.


Nice idea but instead of being an extension of your Captains Quarters, it should be the stations Medical Ward. Also the door should open up to an Elevator with various buttons available that lead to different parts of the station.

Anyway, don’t be afraid to post ideas for Eve. With some community help those ideas may become reality.



Make walk-in-station an omega clone only thing. It’ll justify development and perhaps enables CCP to make it something more than a useless room to remember the Incarna debacle.

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Having at least an “observatory” would be nice. Click “enter observatory” and you can watch your character walk around in some glass dome area looking out into space. THAT would be cool.

But other than that nah, **** WiS.

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WIS and the CQ are things that look nice the first time you ever look at them but after that you dont bother with them ever again. I think it might be a sign but the first time you log on with a fresh toon you notice it goes to hanger view not the CQ view? Interesting eh

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I don’t know why, but directly after reading the Devblog stating WIS and CQ are now dead and awaiting burial, I ended up here.

As sad as Walking-in-stations being killed off for good is, this sudden reversal made me grin.

Totes nothing wrong with that, amirite?

edit: sorry for the necro

No need to apologize